Deer with a Beer: Day 14

So, those of you who read yesterday’s Deer installment will know that I spent over an hour wrapping a pass the parcel yesterday, only to run out of paper on layer 29 of 30.

Yep. Ain’t life a bitch.

Today however, life trumped yesterday’s bitch when I realised I had made a pass the parcel faux pas. I should have made 2 parcels of 15 layers and not one enormous one of 30 layers.

So yep, you guessed it, today I spent over an hour of my time unwrapping 15 layers of the large pass the parcel so I could then wrap another prize in 15 layers of paper to ensure I now have 2 pass the parcels.

My life is so rock and roll that I’d make Mick Jagger look ‘beige’.

Anyhow, here is Day 14 of Deer with a Beer for you all. Today is a real corker, and no reading is involved. Win!