Deer with a Beer: Day 16

deer with a beer version of elf on the shelf

Well, today consisted mainly of being very tired and now a little bit tipsy. I just made a cocktail but it needed ‘tweaking’ so I made another one and now I am typing this feeling a little more festive than I did before said cocktails.

I was tired because the husband was out on his work do in London last night.

He should have been home about 1:30/2am because the last trains to where we leave go from Waterloo about 1am. Alas, 3am came and went and he still wasn’t home. I text him at 1:30am but he didn’t reply and then at 3:45am I receive one saing his has missed all the trains (no shit Sherlock) and that he is getting a taxi home. Said taxi cost him, sorry, us, almost £100. Utter madness.

He got in at 4:45am and ‘slept’ on the sofa which made the downstairs smell like the Queen Vic’s cellar. Lovely.

Needless to say he is exhausted this evening and I am feeling less than sympathetic, hence my cocktail induced stupor.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and spouses less drunk than my own.

Here is Deer with a Beer day 16 for you all.

Has Rudy won back Ruby or not?!


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