My mummy’s a blogger…

Parents evening was last night.

I always feel a mixture of anticipation and dread all at the same time….the finger of blame if they aren’t performing always feels like it’s being pointed at you, the parent, for not doing enough at home and then the guilt sets in and you feel like the worst mum ever.

(We do actually do lots at home, and there’s a fine line between doing extra and doing too much. They’re only 6 and 8…)

However, I was pleasantly surprised by most of what we were told for both boys but nothing could prepare me for my eldest sons teacher finishing the meeting with…

“So, I’m reliably informed by your son that you write a blog! We are blogging ourselves in class and he’s been really excited to tell me all about yours! He said you take photos of his little brother and of Dolly’s…”

(Cue me getting very red in the face and stifling a massive laugh that wants to escape…)

“Oh yes, yes I do…its not child appropriate but I’ll send it on to you!”

What was I thinking?!

I’ll send it on to you…

The Dolly photos he was referring to are these from my Christmas Deer with a Beer series I did. (Link in the text)

Lord help me!!!!



Exhibit A: The one night stand Floozy Doll…


Exhibit B: The pole/lap dancing Dollys…



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