Thomas – The Horror Movie

Thomas – The Horror Movie

(a movie trailer)

The toddler had an Ice Lolly on Saturday evening after his dinner as a treat.

It was a Rowntrees Randoms Ice Lolly (they’re pretty good and I often sneak one after the kids are in bed…shhhh. Don’t tell them!) which was Strawberry Outside and Lime in the middle.

In true toddler fashion, Ben managed to make a huge sodding mess with said Ice Lolly and by the time I’d noticed what he was up to, he had already melted most of it over some toys he had on his highchair – one of these toys being a Thomas the Tank engine…his favourite toy to abuse and destroy.

As I went to clean poor Thomas up (he was really chuffed off, you could see it in his eyes…) I couldn’t help but notice the poor choo choo train looked like Carrie, of Steven King fame…





It’s uncanny, eh?!

(I hadn’t even had a drink to encourage these visions people…I’m clearly delirious after the carnage of half term!)

So, in homage of the Thomas/Carrie face similarity, I made a little scary movie trailer for you all…

Don’t watch it before bedtime now, will you…