Get Your Bake On: Fried Egg Easter Chocolate Slab

Fried Easter Egg chocolate slab recipe

With Easter hopping it’s way towards us, I have gone into panic mode and realised the Easter Bunny (aka, muggins here) hasn’t bothered to get my children any Easter Eggs yet. Oops.

This is entirely on purpose however, because I am literally incapable of storing chocolate in the house and not eating it. It’s for the sake of my waistline and bank balance folks, honest, and not just because I am disorganised.

As much as Easter Eggs and Easter themed treats can be a bit of a swindle money wise (yep, that solid bar of dairy milk contains way more chocolate for your bucks than that novelty easter egg) there is a fun novelty about them that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your kids faces. Oh ok, and mine. I’m also a sucker for an easter egg or twenty.

As I’m not at all religious, I like to think of Easter as a special time for family and friends to be able to spend much needed time together and also to celebrate new life and the hard work our farmers do, especially at this time of year with lambs being born. Spring truly is a wonderful time of year. Flowers are out, trees have woken from their slumber, newborn farm animals are in the fields and Creme Eggs are in the supermarkets. Happiness is.

If you don’t have the cash to splash on a swish chocolate egg or novelty chocolate ‘slab’ (like they sell in Hotel Chocolat) fear not, I have a simple recipe here guaranteed to make family and friends hoppy with EGGcitement (sorry, I had to throw at least one egg yolk in there. Oh, and another!)

All you need is a couple of bars of chocolate and some food colouring!

This Fried Egg Easter Chocolate Slab will make the perfect handmade gift or, if you’re not into sharing, just scoff it yourself.

Easter chocolate slab easter egg



  1. April 14, 2017 / 8:32 am

    It looks interesting and fun 🙂

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