Get your Bake On: Homemade Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls

Homemade pork and apple sausage rolls

I am rather partial to a bit of sausage.


No, no, minds out the gutter you guys, I genuinely am a fan of the meaty snack.

This isn’t getting any better is it.

Bloody hell.

Sausages. They’re good. Yum.

I decided this week to embrace my love of all things sausage (oh er missus!) and make some homemade sausage rolls. I love sausage rolls but they are often, when bought ready made, a bit gristly and somewhat questionable on the meat front. Is it even meat?!

These bad boys are pork and apple and you can tinker with the filling as you see fit, leave the apple out for a more traditional one or add in some chilli for a spicy kick!

This recipe is super quick, it uses ready made and rolled puff pastry so they can be knocked up in a flash for a picnic, last minute dinner party snack or lunchbox filler.

Embrace the sausage!

 Homemade pork and apple sausage roll recipe


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