Happy (chuffing) Birthday…

Birthday cake number 2 of the year…done.
Why do 2 of my children have to have their birthdays so close together…? I’m still baked out from the last one 😭 (Apologies if you have twins)
Making a Thomas the Tank engine out of icing is well out of my capabilities (even after drinking some gin) so I’ve had to stick a toy one on there. Hopefully the birthday boy (who will be 2) will like it on Monday…

It’s not my finest creation, the ‘rocks’ 100% look like rabbit poo and I had the shakes (not due to a lack of Gin I hasten to add…) so the writing is a bit rubbish. Never mind. 

I tried. 

Now I’m off for a sit down. I think I’ve earned a glass of wine!

All of this achieved whilst looking after the 3 boys whilst my dear husband is out on a bike ride and then, once he’s back, he’s gone to have a nap upstairs!! 
He’d better not forget Mother’s Day tomorrow otherwise I’m making a voodoo doll of him out of icing and I’ll be sticking the candles in his eyes…


Thomas’s latest ordeal in our house is being stuck on a cake…hes had worse 😉