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Hello beautiful Big Pink Link linkers! So, by some miracle I didn’t completely mess up co-hosting the Big Pink Link just before Christmas and so the gorgeous Lou at Pink Pear Bear has once again allowed me to step in and co-host this week! Agent Spitback is on her holidays (I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous…)so I am her bloggy-double (like a body double) for the week.

I had flu this weekend and was feeling very sorry for myself Saturday. Having kids and being sick is just the worst. Sadly hubster had made plans for a bike ride and I really didn’t want to stop him from going (he’s on a get fit quick bender at the momentm – aren’t we all?) so I dutifully had a shower and dragged my sorry buttocks down to the sofa to watch the kids so he could go. I’m not ashamed to admit that in situations like this, I thank the god of Apple for making iPads and I owe my sanity to the Amazon Firestick. Needs must folks, needs must.

Anyway, I am rambling on as usual so, without further ado, it’s *fanfare* Big Pink Link time with my wonderful co-host Hannah from The Ordinary Mum (who must be getting SUPER excited because she is off to Disneyland Paris soon! I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous).

So, here we go!

First, the WOW’s chosen by the lovely Lucy from This Mum’s Life and Lou from Pink Pear Bear…

The first of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from the wonderful Lucy at Home.

Lucy said, “I loved this from Lucy At Home, because not only did I have similar feelings about this years Apprentice show, I loved the message about how quiet people shouldn’t be overlooked-they can be just as fiercely opinionated as other, louder people, but choose to show their feelings in a different way-they shouldn’t be cast aside for this.” You can read the post here.

The second of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from Top Five Mum

Lucy said, “I really felt this one from Top Five Mum! I constantly feel like I’m nagging my children too, and sometimes wonder whether it’s all they’ll remember of me. There’s some great tips here to turn nagging around into something positive and fun!”  You can read the post here.

The first of Lou’s WOW’s comes from Reflections from Me. 

Lou said, “I loved this post by the wonderful Mac from Reflections From Me. It is so positive and inspiring and has such an important message. It left me feeling really uplifted and full of girl power!”

The second of Lou’s WOW’s comes from the lovely Winnettes.

Lou said, “My second choice this week has to be, could only be, cake! From the brilliant Kirsty from The Winettes. Not just because I love cake obviously, but because the video of her baking it with her daughter is so so cute!”

Help yourselves to a featured post badge you super talented people and take a bow!


Pink Pear Bear

And now onto this weeks linkup! Happy linking lovelies!

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