Big Pink Link #64


Hello again you lovely Big Pink Link linkers! So, I have very kindly been asked to help out hosting Pink Pear Bear’s ‘Big Pink Link’ again! I am truly crapping my pants honoured and I hope I don’t cock it up and make a bit of a boobie of myself. Thank you Lou, Lucy and all the other Big Pink linkers for trusting me enough to join the fold this week.

This weekend has been a fairly chilled one in our household thanks to a mammoth slight hangover yesterday and the husband having either man flu or a bad bout of hayfever today. The kids have been out in the paddling pool though, living the childhood dream, and even the BBQ got fired up for the first time today. The only time, other than Christmas Day, that my husband cooks (yes, I still do all the prep and cleaning up but it’s still a novelty!)

So, without further ado, it’s *fanfare* Big Pink Link time with my wonderful co-host, the lovely Jenny from Monkey & Mouse!

Here we go!

Pink Pear Bear


 First, this weeks WOW’s, chosen by the lovely Lucy from This Mum’s Life and Lou from Pink Pear Bear.

The first of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from the award winning and bloody smashing Prabs from Absolutely Prabulous. Lucy said, “My first WOW, from the fabulous Prabs. A sad, tear jerker of a read, but so beautifully articulated. A must read post”.

The second of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from the brilliant Meagan from The Mum Project. Lucy said, “Another beautiful one from The Mum Project. Hugely relatable, poignant and a heartfelt ode to her relationship”.

The first of Louise’s WOW’s is by Lucy from Muffin top Mummy. Lou said, “My first Wow is from Muffin Top Mummy and I can so relate to how my daughter was at the same age, she has thankfully grown out of the worst of it but was just like this all those years ago“.

The second of Louise’s WOW’s is by Aleena from Mummy Mama Mum. Lou said, “My second comes from Mama Mummy Mum and is all about the power struggles you can have with wilful children. I am sensing a theme here! It’s a good reminder that sometimes we need to be the grown up and not try and ‘win’ all the time”.

Grab yourselves a WOW badge folks! You’ve earned it!

And now onto this week’s link up.

Happy linking folks!

Life Is Knutts

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