Big Pink Link #66


It’s time for the #bigpinklink again folks!

Another week has flown by and we are now just 4 weeks away from the Summer Holidays! Eek!

Excitement and apprehension fill me at the same time – and I am currently stock piling Gin in preparation.

4 more weeks of not having a complete hovel as a house, 4 more weeks of not playing referee to three ferrel children for 6 weeks solid, 4 more weeks of sneakily watching some trash TV whilst I clean the house.

So without further ado, onto the WOW’s!

 The first wow chosen by the baking goddess that is Kirsty who blogs over at Winnettes is by the very talented, Tooting Mama.

Kirsty said; “I loved this post by Tooting Mama. I think whatever our shape or body type we all have insecurities, things we would change. Whilst I think it is relatively healthy to want to better yourself with diet and exercise I refuse to allow the media dictate the ‘perfect ’body shape. This has become an even bigger concern for me now I have two daughters. The women discussed in this post really are inspirational”.

The second wow chosen by Kirsty is by Cheryl who writes over at Tea or Wine.

Kirsty said; “This post by Cheryl of Tea or Wine really struck a cord with me. Ellie starts school this year and whilst she hasn’t displayed any real adverse behaviour I know she is anxious about it. Taking a step back and thinking about why school is scary for the kids as well as us parents is so important”.

The first wow by the beautiful Lou from Pink Pear Bear is by the beautiful and heartwrenching Postcards for Findlay

Lou said; “My first WOW is for Postcards from Findlay with an absolutely heartbreaking story. Their beautiful photos will always be missing one person”.

The second wow from Lou is this one by Burnished Chaos .

Lou said; “Finding the positives in the end of precious precious nap times. It’s not all bad folks!”

Help yourselves to a featured post badge you super folks and take a bow!

Pink Pear Bear

And now onto this week’s linkup!

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    Hiya – I’m probably being daft, but I can’t see which post is yours to comment on?

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