5 minutes peace…


5 minutes peace, that’s all I need at the moment. A chance to rest my head, a chance to lie in a warm bath, a chance to have a little nap.
After falling victim to the flu, which i fended off for 4 weeks, I can do no more and the utter bugger of a lurgie has struck me down like lightening might strike a blasphemer in the Vatican.

I know it’s been said many times before, but nothing can prepare you for the utter crapness that is being a parent when you’re unwell. I’m fully aware that I only have flu and I should think myself lucky that I don’t have an ongoing, life changing illness to cope with, but nonetheless, it’s been a hideous few days.

I’m glad it’s the Easter holidays in a way as I’ve not had to get up early, attempt to improve my puffy-eyed, snotty faced appearance (I’m not sure anything would improve that at the moment, I look like an extra from The Walking Dead) walk the 40 minute round trip to school and back and pretend to be chirpy and bid everyone good morning and reply “I’m good thanks!” when actually I want to curl up in a ball and rock gently in the corner of a room…

The downside of it being Easter holidays means that all 3 boys are at home and I’m in charge of them all. Despite my eldest having this exact same bug last week, therefore completely understanding how I feel, he’s been an utter wotsit the last few days. His poor middle brother doesn’t have to do much to annoy the pants off him – breathing too loudly was one annoyance the other day….yes, really. And sadly, the middle one seems to thrive off the fact he can wind his older brother up so easily so does it even more.

I asked them, no, pleaded with them, yesterday and today to behave. I’ve sorted some craft bits for them (even the poxy playdoh has made an appearance), we watched some films, they’ve played football in the garden, they’ve played computer Games, they’ve done some reading, they’ve done some writing practice, but all the while, I’ve had to play ringmaster and I really haven’t felt like being in a circus the last few days.

You worry before you become a parent about your kids getting poorly, taking time off work, making sure they’re ok, juggling things, but I never even gave it a second thought as to what happens when I then get sick. The fact is, even when you’re sick, you’re not allowed to be. You have to carry on.

When my husband is poorly, he’s in bed, he’s resting, I’m tending to him and getting him drinks and medicine, i’m keeping the kids quiet and entertained so he can recouperate. When I’m sick, however, I have no choice but to keep calm (kind of) and carry on. There’s washing to be done, there’s nappies to change, there’s meals and drinks to be made, there’s kids to keep an eye on, there’s a dishwasher to be emptied and loaded, there’s rubbish to be taken out….the list goes on. And if I stop, everything stops.

It’s actually quite a responsibility and it’s dawned on me more and more whist I’ve felt unwell. In fact, the thought of dealing with it all can be quite overwhelming.

The toddler has been in an epic grump today – he had a 30 minute tantrum earlier because I had an arm full of washing and I couldn’t carry him down the stairs at the same time. The fact he is quite able to negotiate the stairs by himself (both by walking and bum shuffling) was apparently irrelevant and he went into meltdown mode in quite epic style. He’s also demanded “juice!!!” approximately 12 times today. No joke. Even when the “juice” is actually water, he still guzzles it and then demands more 2 minutes later. I might just buy and fill a couple of cat bowls up with water and snacks and let him tuck into them to save my legs and what’s left of my sanity…

I should be able to ‘down tools’ once daddy is home but actually, daddy is so knackered after his day at work (and often doesn’t get home until late) that it’s still all hands on deck until I’ve got all the monsters in bed. 7pm has never looked so appealing to me….

I can only contribute the fact that I came down with this bug after abstaining from Gin for 7 days….I told you all it was medicinal. Never again will I make such a silly decision.

To all you Mums and Dads who have to continue to parent while you’re poorly – you’re awesome. There is nothing harder than feeling like a turd with glitter on (translation: I’ve managed to put some makeup on today but I still look like utter crap) whilst having to maintain the status quo and keep a feral tribe of tiny humans alive.

Here’s hoping my lurgie Sod’s off within the next couple of days. A medicinal gin has my name on it when it does.

I hope all of you guys are avoiding the bugs….? They’re mutant this year i think!

 Flu survival kit…. 



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