Book Day Rebellion…


Only just realising that my kids primary school celebrated world book day a week early by doing it last Thursday…
Now it’s dawned on me, I did think my news feed wasn’t very busy with photos of friends kids dressed up last week (apart from the mum’s from my kids school who all partook in an obligatory photo share of their little ones dressed up in their costumes – as did I).

I think it’s something to do with a whole year group being away on a residential trip at the moment…that or the Head of the school and the Teachers are utter rebels and stuck 2 fingers up to conforming and did it on a day they felt like doing it.

Nothing like teaching your kids to stick it to the man from a young age.
They’ll all be singing “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd in assembly tomorrow….



“We don’t need no, education…” Erm, actually kids, yes you do. I love you all dearly but there’s not a sodding chance you’re living at home forever…get learning so you can get earning!



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