Beyond the Sun by Sons of Icarus – Available now on iTunes!


I went to see these guys last Friday and I can honestly say it was some of the best music I’ve heard in a looonnnng time.
If you like a bit of rock music, with a catchy riff to get your teeth into, do download their album and give them the support they deserve.

Head bangingly brilliant, vocals to knock your socks off, drumming ability to die for and guitar riffs and licks that’ll probably knock your pants off!

Remember, you saw it here first…!!! 😉

Our personal fave tracks off the album in this house are Make Amends, Falling, You Want it All and Please come Home…basically the whole album rocks!

A band destined for greatness that stretches Beyond the Sun

Get it on iTunes and into your life!

Beyond the Sun by Sons of Icarus


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