Big Pink Link #71

Bonjourno Big Pink Linkers!

How the chuffing chuff has another week gone by?! I am getting the fear now. We are only 10 days away from our annual camping escapade to Wales so the Dad’s can sod off mountain biking whilst the mums look after the kids (yep, ask me again why we do it every year?!) and the weather is, for want of a better word, shit. It’s utter crap. Not camping/day out on a Welsh beach weather at all. I don’t believe in spiritual stuff, but I shall be outside in the garden chanting to the skies doing a sun dance for the coming week. Sorry neighbours, please don’t have me sectioned, times are desperate.

Thanks to everyone who joined in #bigpinklink last week – we hope to see you all and maybe some new faces again this week!

I am co-hosting with the lovely Lucy from This Mum’s Life this week – ‘ello there beautiful!

So, enough chitter chatter, who are our WOW’s this week? Let’s find out!

Pink Pear Bear

 The first wow chosen by Lucy from This Mum’s Life is this one by Be your own Example.

Lucy said; “I loved this from Be Your Own Example. It was a refreshing, honest, and brilliantly written account of fitting a new baby into family life!”.

The second wow chosen by Lucy is by the wonderful, and pant wettingly funny, R is for Hoppit.

Lou said; “This from Lucy at R Is For Hoppit was absolutely genius. A must read, brilliant account of shopping with children!“.

The first wow from me is this one by Shinners and the Broods.

I absolutely loved reading this frank, honest and bloody hilarious post about the things Sinead has learnt over the years as a mum to 3. I was nodding (and laughing) along to all of her points. And yes, I’m not sorry, but Gina Ford can kiss my cake enhanced butt with regards to her ‘advice’. Couldn’t agree more Shinners!

The second wow from me is this one by Pretty in Playdoh.

I was heartbroken to read how tough she has had it in recent years and was literally awestruck at how brave, headstrong, selfless and honest this post was. I want to wish her all the best for the coming year. I know she will get that 2:1 that she desires and deserves after all the heartache.x

Help yourselves to a featured post badge you super folks and take a bow!

And now onto this week’s link up!

Life Is Knutts

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