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Well, looking at the weather outside I think it’s pretty safe to say Summer has well and truly packed up it’s beach balls and left us now hasn’t it. It’s certainly feeling ‘Autumnal’ as my best friend says (it’s her favourite phrase and it drives her husband mad therefore I’ve had to use it on her behalf).

I hope you all had a wonderful break and are beginning to get back into the swing and routine of life. As much as I loved the break, spending time with the kids and having no school run, I do actually need to get some shite done in my life now so back to school has been a welcome relief to be honest with you. My house looks like a Tasmanian Devil has been let loose in it but in reality the carnage has been caused by a 3 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old (oh alright, and their Dad who is just as bad).

I am co-hosting this week with the very lovely, and super talented, Lucy from This Mum’s Life this week.

So, enough chitter chatter, who are our WOW’s this week? Let’s find out!

Pink Pear Bear

 The first wow chosen by Laura from Five Little Doves is this one by And then there were two.

Laura said; “My first wow comes from ‘And then there were two’ for this hilarious guide to In the night garden. It had me howling, so funny and all so true!”.

The second wow chosen by Laura is this one by She sees.

Laura said; “My second wow is for ‘She sees’ and her 50 things to do in Autumn post. Just when I was feeling sad about the end of Summer this post reminded me of all the reasons why I love Autumn!“.

The first wow from Lucy over at This Mum’s Life is this one by The Mummy Bubble.

Lucy said, “My first wow is for The Mummy Bubble! This is a comprehensive and VERY true list of all the things you should definitely do before having children!”

The second wow from Lucy is this one by Trips with a Tot.

Lucy said, “Second wow is for Trips With A Tot! Another brilliant list style post, this a brilliant list of where to go in London with children. Me and my husband visited London a lot pre children, but are yet to do the tourist thing with them-I feel inspired to do it after reading this list!”

Help yourselves to a featured post badge you super folks and take a bow!

And now onto this week’s link up!

Life Is Knutts

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  1. September 17, 2017 / 2:42 am

    I also like Laura`s second wow 🙂

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