Britmums Daily Photo challenge: Day 25 – Beauty


Here is my photo of the day to define the word, beauty.

I don’t class myself as beautiful so I was never going to use a photo of myself and I had decided earlier that I wanted to get a photo of the glorious spring day we just had to talk about the beauty of nature.

(Yes, I know, yawn…but it was a glorious day!!)

I planned on taking a photo whilst out on an Easter egg hunt with some friends at some woodland near us but due to carrying a hefty toddler on my back for 2 hours whilst my husband went mountain biking with a friend, my hands were too busy stopping my back from breaking to take a photo…

So, the next best thing is this….

A Gin and Tonic Slushie.

I saw a recipe for it yesterday and just had to have a go and i have to say it’s pretty good. 

I’m currently packing for our holiday and this is helping me get through it no end.

It certainly is a Good Friday – and this is a thing of beauty…

Happy (hic) Easter all you lovely Knutters!




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