#capturingtheday – Week 2 Roundup

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Crikey, where did that week go?! I think I blinked and missed it…

I’m currently abstaining from alcohol for Dry September (for Children with Cancer UK) and I’m not ashamed to admit that I hit a point this when I could’ve murdered a G&T. I didn’t do it though, I had an appletizer as a treat (so rock and roll!) and I’m pushing on towards that finish line at the end of the month. You’ll find me in the corner of a room with a gin bottle on the 1st October 😉

Anyhow, enough about me, we want to know what all of you have been up to!

It’s the end of our second week for our Instagram community linkup called #capturingtheday which means it’s time for our second roundup!

With over 200 images tagged now, we had plenty to choose from and the already tough decision of which ones to choose got even harder!

Thank you so much to all those who joined in, this hashtag community would be nothing without you guys so thanks again for taking part. Even if you’re photo hasn’t been chosen this week, we have loved seeing what you’ve all been up to and enjoyed each and every one of them!

So, without further ado, here are my 4 featured images for this week for #capturingtheday

A very cheeky grin over some pizza, a precious moment with a little one and her inspirational Great-grandma, a gorgeous mummy and daughter moment after surviving their first week at school and finally, a magical little fairy stumbles upon a ‘witches cottage’ in the woods…


Top left: The don’t want to be working mum

(Visit their blog: The don’t want to be working mum)

Top right: Have kids will travel

(Vists their blog: Have kids will travel)

Bottom left: Dear Bear and Beany

(Visit their blog Dear Bear and Beany)

Bottom right: Little Hearts Big Love

(Visit their blog Little Hearts Big Love)

Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business has chosen 4 stunners as well. We were so lucky to have so many wonderful photos to choose from!

A delicious nutty and chocolately snickers cheesecake, a little baby smiling away, a little boy on his scooter on a sunny day and a little girl dressed as a fairy sitting on the grass

Top left: The Culinary Jumble

Top right: The Mummy Stylist

Bottom left: Hot Pink Wellingtons

Bottom right: Have kids will travel

You can read Yvonne’s full roundup here!

Congratulations to all of you and thanks again to everyone who linked up.

Do spread the word of #capturingtheday and join in again this week!

All photos are welcome!

Baking, crafts, days out, sunsets, tantrums, well earned nights out for the parents, whatever it is you’ve captured during the week.

 To finish, here is my favourite photo by my partner in crime for #capturingtheday, Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business…

A cuddle between a grandma nd her two twin grandsons on the sofa.

I loved this photo of Yvonne’s twin boys with their Grandma having a snuggle. As an ex-pat family (Yvonne currently lives in Germany), precious family moments like these don’t happen very much for their family which makes this all the more special.

They all look so content, it’s just lovely to see.

You can find Yvonne on Instagram, here.

You can read her blog, here.

See you all next week for our week 3 roundup!

We can’t wait to see what you all get up to.


Life is Knutts on Instagram ~ Double the Monkey Business on Instagram


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