Northumberland Holiday: Day 2 (and Britmums Daily Photo Challenge: Day 27 – Easter)


Morning broke on day 2 of our Northumberland Holiday and we woke up to… skies!!!!! Yes, sunshine!

I thought I had more of a chance of waking up to find the news that Donald Trump had been uncovered as a Robot who was severely malfunctioning and had been sent for a reboot as soon as possible…

Amazingly the toddler and the middle one weren’t up at the crack of a sparrows fart and slept in until 6:45am. I hope all of your munchkins weren’t bouncing about like Easter rabbits too early either! The eldest one is still very much man down with flu and apart from a little wander down to the beach whilst riding a calpol high, he’s been in bed being sick. Whatever form of flu he has, it’s a nasty one and looking like it’ll be a few more days until he even looks at his Easter eggs. Bless his heart.

The other two were straight into the living room to have a look at what the evil ‘Easter bunny’ (aka, mum and dad) had bought. Luckily for me they were happy with their little haul and munched on an egg of choice before breakfast – standard Easter procedure.

After eating the ears off a kinder bunny and smashing open a kinder egg just to get the crap toy out of it (yes, thank you for that crazy YouTube kinder egg lady!!!) we had some breakfast and kitted ourselves up for another walk down to the beach so Luke, my eldest, could have a look because he didn’t see it yesterday (the wonders of calpol…he was literally all better, ate half a bacon sarnie and walked 3/4 of a mile to the beach because he demanded to get outside, then on the way back, he crashed and burned bless his heart. It’s so rubbish when they’re poorly. You’d do anything to make them better and take the illness off them yourself….)

The walk to the beach was much more pleasant than yesterday and the sun was shining down on the sea. Unfortunately, once down on the beach, the wind felt like it was at storm force 11 and it was whipping the sand into us at a rate of knotts. Free Skin exfoliation, yes, but also very painful! 😂🙈

We tried to fly our kite but the wind was so strong it just kept making the thing stack it at speed into the sand so we gave up, drew some pictures in the sand and then had a walk along the edge of the sea to watch the waves.

On the walk back, the toddler was over the moon to see the cows in the field and meowed at them to bid them good day as usual (everything is meowing at the moment – even whilst he’s asleep he meows….better than his usual favourite thing to shout which is ‘Willy!’)

The rest of the day has been spent cooking a roast dinner, playing nurse to my eldest and reading some of the books off the cottage bookshelf….I came across this gem earlier. It’s an annual from 1979 for girls called, Princess Tina, and is full of useful articles for girls ‘coming of age’ such as:

  1. How to make an apron out of an old dress – you know, for when they resign themselves to a life of cleaning and pleasing a man by cooking him dinner and being a dutiful housewife.
  2. How to draw a tree – sketching is the most suitable activity for a young woman as sport is frowned upon and would cause you to ‘glow’ too much.
  3. The story of the Jungle Book and another of a cartoon mermaid – because anything else like science and natures are apparently too far beyond the realms of female understanding.

Gotta love the sexism of the 1970’s…..

Oh, and to top it off, the pin up boy in the Centre of the annual was, wait for it….

Prince Charles! 😂🙈 – he looked so suarve! 😉🙈👑💋

Hopefully, I’ll wake tomorrow and Luke will be feeling better, the sun will be shining and I might manage to eat an Easter egg (I’ve not had even one today because I’ve been preoccupied with helping my eldest) and nor have I had any gin. Today is a bad day….onwards and upwards as they say.x


My Lukey reading a book off the bookshelf about Greek Mythology…one of the only times he felt well enough to do something other than sleep…

And finally….

My photo for my Britmums daily photo challenge today: The word was – Easter.

I took a creme egg out for a walk to the beach (as you do when you don’t have a dog…) but I couldn’t eat it because the sand flying about would’ve stuck to it and added extra roughage and calories so he lived to see another day.

Here is Mr Creme Egg having  lie down on the beach. He said it was really Eggcellent and that the severe wind situation was no yolk…. (Sorry!!) 😉😂🐰



  1. March 28, 2016 / 12:10 am

    Haha the puns were pretty well Eggxecuted 😉 glad the sun was shining for you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday! Xxx

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