#SportsNightIn – Planning a summer of sport with friends!

#SportsNightIn campaign

Summer is officially here. The weather this week has been truly balmy, I can’t actually recall a week where the weather was ever quite so hot, despite the fact Glastonbury is on! It’s a miracle!

Sadly I am not at Glastonbury watching the Foo Fighters this weekend, but I am sure I will enjoy watching it unfold on TV from the comfort of my own sofa, oh, and in my PJ’s. Comfort – very important these days.

Gosh I’m old.

On that point, now myself and my pals are hitting that illusive stage called ‘middle age’ and we have work, kids and busy lives to cope with, going out isn’t as appealing as it once was. Finding childcare for the kids so we can escape can sometimes be tricky so nights in are certainly how we roll these days. I love entertaining, as do most of our friends, and it’s great that the kids can all play together whilst the adults have a drink and some food. I feel really lucky that we get to do it actually, we’ve made many happy (and hilarious) memories over the years during these type of evenings.

With Wimbledon and The Tour de France on the horizon, as well as the F1 and the Lions Rugby tour which are already underway, it’s going to be a busy few weeks and months of sport watching in our household! I love Wimbledon. I’ve always watched and I vividly remember zooming home from Secondary school as quickly as I could to watch Tim Henman play a few years back. It’s such a great competition full of nostalgia, tradition and excitement. Can Andy Murray do it again I wonder?

I also love the F1. As much as I moan about the fact my husband spends 6/7 hours glued to the TV on race weekends (yeah, that is pretty annoying actually, the kids don’t look after themselves you know) I did used to enjoy sitting and watching a race play out. This season has certainly been more exciting than previous ones and it’s still all to play for halfway through the season.

In collaboration with Contact Numbers UK, I am sharing with you all my ideas for the perfect #SportsNightIn party. Any excuse for a drink and dinner with friends is fine by me!

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 As I mentioned, for us, staying in is the new going out so we are planning on having some friends over within the next few weeks for a #SportsNightIn party. Probably to watch a bit of Wimbledon.

I’ve been thinking of what food and drink I am going to serve up (see what I did there? Tennis? Serve? Never-mind…) and also about some games the kids can play whilst the adults are watching.

Here’s what I have in mind for my #SportsNightIn party so far…


Party ring biscuit recipe

The most important part of any party for me is food. I have to make sure people don’t go hungry and I always over-cater but anything left over won’t go to waste, it just means food the next day is sorted already! Winner!

In my opinion, the best food for a sports night in party is either;

A one pot meal – such as Chilli, bolognese or lasagne, which you can just serve up with some rice, pasta or garlic bread and salad


Buffet food – such as Bread, Quiche, Pizza, Meats, Cheese, Salads, Arancini and nibbles. Oh, and don’t forget the sausage rolls!

Cooked Arancini balls

And for afters;

Puddings – such as Profiteroles, Pavolva or some nice homemade scones with Jam and Clotted Cream.

Foods like this are ideal for a party because they can be prepared in advance and you won’t be stood, slaving away in the kitchen whilst everyone else is enjoying the sport and chatting. A BBQ is nice in good weather but it means that someone is always outside cooking and it’s also quite a lot of work for a crowd. A strawberry and cream pavlova would be a wonderful pudding to accompany a spot of Wimbledon watching – the tournament is famed for it’s strawberries!


Almost as important as food in my eyes! It’s always a good idea to have the usual suspects to offer guests for a party…



Wine and Prosecco

Soft fizzy drinks such as Cola, Lemonade and something I love to have, Elderflower Cordial with Soda water.

…but it’s also a good idea to offer a cocktail and maybe even a DIY ‘bar’ area with some spirits and mixers out so people can help themselves. Putting all the beers and bottles of wine in a bucket of water filled with ice in the garden is a great way to keep people out of the kitchen where you might be zooming about sorting food (and having a sneaky much on the stuff before you put it out obviously – chef’s perk) and keeps them all cold and your fridge clear of bottles.

Why not try filling a large drinks dispenser with Pimms? Another must have for Wimbledon watching! Then people can serve themselves and the first couple of hours of drinks are taken care of.

Pimms and Gin

A cocktail such as this Cherry Bakewell Prosecco is easy to make and looks just like champers. Perfect for accompanying you to your centre court seat at home!


Whilst you’re waiting for the main event of the sport to start, why not have some garden games setup such as giant jenga, boules, football or darts!? These are great ways to keep people entertained whilst you finish off any last minute preparations. Alternatively, just stick your fave music playlist on, turn the speakers up, sort out the garden furniture, and sit and chat with a drink and some nibbles. That would be my preference!


I don’t normally do much in the way of decor for a party, unless it’s a birthday or a football final (which we never make!) but I have just bought some bunting and some solar lights for the garden which I will put out when we have our friends over. I also love fresh flowers, especially Sunflowers and Peonies this time of year, and candles. I got a lovely big lantern that looks fab once a candle is lit inside it and I always put that on when I have people over. Make sure you put lots of seating out for people, even if that means bean bags or garden chairs indoors! Nobody likes having to stand for hours on end.

What sport will you be watching this Summer?

I’ll be back with an update on how my #SportsNightIn party went in a few weeks. I’m sure it’ll be eventful at some point if previous experiences of my life are anything to go by!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. June 30, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Nice post. Superb planning for the Summer. Eating the right food is a great trouble to me haha.

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