The end of the day of the Mother…


So Mother’s Day 2016 came and went in a flurry of chaos.

Yep. A pretty accurate analysis of my Mother’s Day…

It had many positives, but also a large number of negatives.

In order for me to process the madness of the day, I’m going to bullet point my high and low moments whilst I sip my much needed Amaretto…
Things I’m grateful for today:
1) Being able to call myself a mummy.

2) Hugs from all 3 of my boys.

3) Being able to share the day with my own mum and family.

4) Being made and given a super amazing card that made me cry by ONE of my children (I’ll come back to this shortly…)

5) Being made breakfast and a coffee by my eldest.

My 3 mad, loving, bonkers, boys…

Things I’m not so grateful for:
1) My husband and eldest son doing the dishwasher this morning, but then having to shout to them my replies as they asked me where 14 of the items they took out of it belonged….

2) Having to go to Toys r Us as a Mother’s Day family outing to buy a birthday gift for our soon to be 2 year old (his birthday is tomorrow and we’d left it last to get a gift…)

3) Having a domestic (to the point I’m making that voodoo doll out of icing after all and I will be sticking candles in his eyes…) in Toys r Us with my other half because I wanted to get a slide or a water play thing for the garden and he disagreed with me and said “can’t we just wrap something up that we already have at home? He’s only 2. He won’t know any different!” Erm. No. No we can’t do that.

4) Holding out hope that maybe my lack of cards from the kids/hubby or a bunch of petrol station carnations was just because they were late in coming when, in actual fact, they were never coming because nothing had been bought/made.

5) Having to cook a buffet dinner for 8 and clean it all up with help from my mum. The irony…
6) My middle boy walking out of the toilet towards the end of dinner saying his older brother had piddled on him. Upon further investigation, it would appear that my middle child was sat down doing a poo and my eldest child needed a wee. Rather than going to the empty upstairs toilet, the older brother thought he would be Savvy (aka, a complete twonk) and to try and pee through the middle of his brothers legs whilst he was sat pooping on the toilet and needless to say it went catastrophically wrong. Pee on middle brother. Pee on the toilet. Pee on the floor. Nightmare.

And there we have it.

The good, the bad and the ugly of my Mother’s Day 2016.
Thank goodness that’s over for another year….and that I clearly don’t need to bothers remembering Father’s Day in June 😉

I hope you all had a good one (and I am grateful really).


My eldest made me a bacon and egg sandwich and a coffee. I cleaned up the mess after though. Can’t have it all…




  1. GeorgieMoon
    March 6, 2016 / 11:11 pm

    Loved this. I’m surprised you expected anything to be different! We can all live in hope….

  2. March 8, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    So this was my point on Sunday night…..tried explaining to hubby that the concept of Mother’s Day is great, however, the reality of it is you are still a mum & you still have lots of Mum stuff to do! Plus points were: Got a nice card, pretty posh flowers & some rosè Lanson…negatives: still had a million things to do, partner failed at poached eggs so I had to step in & make my own Mother’s Day brekkie & he was generally whingey & kind of spoiled it by being bratty!! Just another day really…

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