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I love looking at photographs. I love to look back on all the old family ones and laugh at peoples clothes and hairstyles (mum, sorry but that perm was pretty bad), I love to look back at my own (not of me of course, but of my kids) and I also love looking at other peoples.

Photographs are a snapshot of time, frozen forever. They can capture the blink of an eye, the look on someones face, a special event, a ‘mundane moment’ which, at first, could seem ordinary and non-descript but, as time goes on, comes to remind you of something quite special.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I post a hotch-potch of different photos, but that all have a special meaning to me. Some people like to theme their Instagram grids so they only show children, certain colours or specific things. These accounts are lovely but, for me, they don’t represent what I am about nor my life. My life is hotch-potch. One day this, another day that, and I really love that so I want to capture it. I have varied interests and hopefully my Instagram reflects that. 

Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business asked if I would like to start an Instagram community with her and I jumped at the chance. 

Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform, as well as Yvonne’s, so this was a match made in heaven for us.

(Yvonne also happens to be a rather lovely lady which helps!)

We chose the hashtag, #capturingtheday, because we want folks to do just that. We want you to share YOUR day. Warts and all.

Whether you’ve been stuck indoors all day waiting for the gas man, you’ve been baking, you’ve got messy doing some crafts, you’ve been on holiday or for a day out, whatever it may be, we would love you to share it with us. You don’t have to be a blogger to join in either, if you have Instagram, turn it on and take part!

Each Sunday, myself and Yvonne will then choose 4 photos each to feature over on our blogs (with links and full crdit back to you if you’re chosen).

One photo can tell a thousand words so head on over and join in #capturingtheday with us!

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