#capturingtheday – Week 12 Roundup

week 12 roundup

Week 12 of our instagram community #capturingtheday is go!

What a week I have had! It’s been extremely busy one where the kids are concerned, culminating on Friday with the school Christmas Fayre which I helped organise a little. It went really well but truth be told I am glad it is out the way! I might (certainly did) have some Gin when I got in from that!

This weekend is the last one before it is officially December and I am now in panic mode to get some shopping done! I do this every year…but I do quite like a Christmas Eve panic shop if truth be told.

(I am totally lying).

As usual, we had so many wonderful photos to choose from this week, capturing everything from days out, to lazy days at home, to baking and smiley, happy kids. We are really loving all the photos that are flooding in!

My fave photo of my own this week is this one I took back last year in the Scottish Highlands. It’s of a Fog Bow and I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture it. Magical, mysterious and majestic…

fog bow scotland

So, without further ado, here are my 4 featured images for this week’s #capturingtheday…

Some seed heads covered in spiderwebs, dew and enshrouded in fog, a mothers love captured with the most stunning backdrop, a picture postcard wintery scene and one of the most gorgeous Autumn 2016 photos I have seen…

#capturingtheday instagram

Top left: Wonderful Chaos

(Visit their blog: Wonderful Chaos)

Top right: Have kids will Travel UK

Bottom left: Burnished Chaos

(Visit their blog: Burnished Chaos)

Bottom right: Five Little Doves

(Vists their blog: Five little Doves)

Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business has chosen 4 stunners as well featuring some gorgeous little faces.

We truly are so lucky to have so many wonderful photos to choose from!

#capturingtheday photo roundup

Top left: Dilan and Me

Top right: The Culinary Jumble

Bottom left: Dear Bear and Beany

Bottom right: Coffee, cake, kids

Congratulations to all of you and thanks again to everyone who linked up to #capturingtheday.

Do spread the word of our linkup and join in again this week for your chance to be featured!

All photos are welcome. Baking, crafts, days out, sunsets, tantrums, well earned nights out for the parents, whatever it is you’ve captured during the week. We love seeing them!

 To finish, here is my fave photo by my partner in crime for #capturingtheday, Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business

German castle with blue sky

I loved this photo Yvonne took as soon as I saw it. I’m a sucker for a castle, their history and architecture always has me marvelling.

I really liked how the persective on this one drew me into the photo…and that blue sky was definitely enough to cheer me up on a dull day.

 You can find Yvonne on Instagram, here.

You can read her blog, here.

See you all next week for our week 13 roundup!


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