#capturingtheday – Week 18 Roundup


It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time for our #capturingtheday roundup!

I have been man down with a flu type bug this weekend. It’s been a bit rubbish – body aches, head that feels like it wants to explode, shivers, burning up, the works – and despite the husband being home to ‘help’, he didn’t really. He reluctantly got up yesterday morning after the toddler started going bonkers to get up and then I was up by 10:30am because he was off out on a bike ride. The joys of being sick when you’re a mum, eh?!

Anyhow, I am feeling quite a bit better today which is good. Don’t have time for this being sick malarkey do we.

Hope you’ve all had a good week?

I have been LOVING the frosty mornings. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do love how the frost has the ability to touch even the most mundane of things and make them look magical…

A frozen rose hip in witner

 So, without further ado, here are my chosen images for this weeks #capturingtheday roundup…

 #capturingtheday instagram roundup

(From top left in a clockwise direction)

Top Left: @topsyturveytribe


Top Right: @copperplumphotography

Bottom Right: @admofaworkmum


Bottom Left: @mumaontheedge


And here are Yvonne’s choices for the week…

#capturingtheday instagram roundup

(From top left in a clockwise direction)

Top Left: @laura_babykicks


Top Right: @fivelittledoves


Bottom Right: @littlelullabyuk


Bottom Left: @missbettyandme


 Congratulations to all of you and thanks again to everyone who linked up.

Do spread the word and join in again!


All photos are welcome.

Baking, crafts, days out, sunsets, tantrums, rainy days, poonamis. well earned nights out for the parents, whatever it is you’ve captured during the week.

 My favourite photo from my lovely buddy over the sea, Yvonne, over at Double the Monkey Business is this beauty…

 double the monkey business
It’s such a great action shot! And I am pleased to report Yvonne got her husband back after she was hit with this one. Good work Hun! 😉

You can find Yvonne on Instagram, here.

You can read her blog, here.

 See you all next week!



  1. January 22, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    Thanks for the feature, happy to follow the blog!

  2. admin
    January 23, 2017 / 11:13 am

    Ah, thanks Annah! It’s a fab photo!!

  3. admin
    January 23, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Bless you – no worries!! And thanks for joining in! Super talented

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