#capturingtheday – Week 5 Roundup

#capturingtheday week 5 roundup

Week 5 of our Instagram community linkup, #capturingtheday is here!

I have had a poorly toddler this week and I’m existing on very little sleep. He is hopefully on the mend a bit now because he has just this minute demanded a cake (he hasn’t eaten for 2 days) so cake he shall have! Such a worry these kiddiewinks aren’t they?!

The middle of October is looming before us (how this has happened I have no idea!) and half term from school is now only 2 weeks away. I truly can’t wait for it because we are off on holiday to The Isle of Skye. Sadly, my eldest and my mum were very unwell for our Easter break earlier this year and spent most of it in bed, so fingers crossed everyone stays fighting fit for this one and we can all enjoy it together.

We had so many wonderful photos again this week and we are super excited that we have over 800 images now! So brilliant and all thanks to you guys!

So, if you take a snap, regardless of what it is, share it with us over at #capturingtheday for your chance to be featured next week!

This weeks images I have chosen are really showing Autumn off in all her glory!

So, without further ado, here are my 4 featured images for this weeks #capturingtheday

A little girl channeling her inner Peppa Pig with a spot of muddy puddle jumping, some absolutely stunning mushrooms which have been foraged lying on a disused railway track, a gorgeous mini red postbox someone stumbled upon, and a little girl dragging an enormous branch across a field (this girl can!)

A girl splashing in a muddy puddle in her boots, some mushrooms foraged on an old railway line, a tiny red post box and a little girl dragging an enormous stick behind her

Top left: Squished Blueberries

(Visit their blog: Squished Blueberries)

Top right: Ginger Lilly Tea

(Visit their blog: Ginger Lilly Tea)

Bottom left: Thimble and Twig

(Visit their blog: Thimble and Twig)

Bottom right: zoec2008

Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business has chosen 4 complete stunners as well. We truly are so lucky to have so many wonderful photos to choose from!

You’re a very talented bunch out there…

A boy playing in a pumpkin patch, a family together showing their hands, a costal path walk and a little girl smiling on a slide

Top left: Dilan and me

Top right: All about a Mini Norris

Bottom left: This mums life

Bottom right: Hey Little Sweet Thing

Congratulations to all of you and thanks again to everyone who linked up.

Do spread the word and join in again this week!

All photos are welcome. Baking, crafts, days out, sunsets, tantrums, well earned nights out for the parents, whatever it is you’ve captured during the week – and you don’t have to be a blogger to join in! Just pop Instagram on your phone and snap away! (I love the filters, they’re very forgiving, even on my face).

 To finish, here is my favourite photo by my buddy for #capturingtheday, Yvonne over at Double the Monkey Business

A little boy holding his mum's hand as they play in a park

I thought this photo of Yvonne being led by the hand by one of her little lads was just the cutest.

It’s a simple, every day occurrence, hand holding. You do it to show you love someone, to show you’re connected, to keep someone safe. But, one day, these kids of ours won’t need to hold our hands anymore. Capturing moments like this are so important. Lovely work Yvonne.

You can find Yvonne on Instagram, here.

You can read her blog, here.

See you all next week for our week 4 roundup!


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