Apple Bobbing Challenge (with Pink Lady Apples)


An apple a day keeps the vampire away…

Well, that’s what I’ve been telling my kids in the run up to Halloween 😉

As the day itself is now only one spooky sleep away, we decided to have a go at an old Halloween/Autumn favourite – Apple Bobbing! We were sent some crispy, sweet and delicious (oh, and perfectly child sized!) Pink Lady apples along with some equipment to do it. All I needed was a couple of plonkers to partake in the fun…luckily in our house, I didn’t have to look very far 😉

So, without further ado, here is our Apple bobbing challenge, in association with Pink Lady Apples.

The equipment you need to do to have a go at this yourselves is:

– Pink Lady Apples (perfect for small jaws!)

– A washing up bowl half filled with water

– Some swimming goggles

– A stop watch

And the rules are:

 – Pop the apples in the washing up bowl of water and place it on a table

– Get your first willing participant to don the goggles

– Set the timer for 30 seconds

– Give them a 3 second countdown and then start the stop watch which then gives them 30 seconds to grab as many apples as they can in 30 seconds using only their gnashers. Keep those hands behind your back!

– The winner is the person who bobs the most apples in 30 seconds.

As you can see, my little monsters need a bit more practice with their bobbing skills after only getting one apple each…but they did get to scoff the apple once they’d finished so it wasn’t all bad.

As a special spooky treat, why not melt some white chocolate, and make some skeleton face apples on a stick?!

Image result for chocolate halloween apple

These ones are by Wonky Wonderful Blog and you can find the recipe on her blog, here!

Have a spooktacular Halloween Knutters!


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