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Two weeks today, it will be over.

That’s right folks, Christmas will be over. All the madness, chaos, preparation and wrapping will be finished for another year and my waistline will be a good 6 inches wider thanks to a love of Roast Potatoes and Alcoholic Cream…

Happiness is.

Before then however, we still have many festive frolics to endure with the kids in the form of Christmas parties, carol concerts and various other yuletide shenanigans. It may only be a few days until the big day itself, but I am still very much focused on this coming week.

With jobs still to be done, I find myself trying to occupy the kids whichever way possible so I can ‘get stuff done’ and this week we decided to occupy the spare time by doing some Christmas crafts, courtesy of Wynsors world of shoes. They have also written a fantastic post on their blog about how to keep the kids occupied this Christmas so do head on over for a read. They sent us a lovey craft box containing bits and bobs to make decorations and festive themed gifts, as well as some terrific monster slippers which the boys absoloutely love stomping around the house in.

Here are some simple craft ideas that we came up with!

 Hot Chocolate Reindeer Kit


These came ready made in our kit but would look lovely hung on the tree or fireplace ready for a festive evening drink on Christmas Eve. All you will need is:

Some Cellophane Party Cone Bags

Some stick on googly eyes

Some small red pom poms


Brown Pipe Cleaners


Hot Chocolate Powder

Mini Marshmallows

They are super simple to make and consist of Cellophane party cone bags (available from most party supply shops), stick on googly eyes, red pom pom noses and a brown pipe cleaner twisted to make the antlers. I tied mine up with some string too so I could hang it on the tree ready to be picked off on Christmas Eve.

Just fill the clear party cone bag with enough hot chocolate powder for one serving, top with mini marshmallows and tie tightly at the top. Stick on the googly eyes, pom pom nose and bend the pipe cleaner to look like antlers. Easy peasy and these would also make wonderful Christmas gifts for friends and family too along with a new mug.

 Christmas String Light Picture


Another simple craft which would also make a lovely front for a homemade Christmas Card. All you will need is:

Some White Card or a Blank Crafting Card


Small Pom Poms

A Black Pen

Simply get some white card (or a blank card) and draw a curly-wurly string on the front. Add some little black dots onto the string shape to signify where the lights will be and then use some glue to stick the pom poms on to represent the lights. Again, super simple but great fun for kids…and fairly mess free!

 Glitter Bauble Christmas Tree Decoration or Card Topper

This Christmas Tree decoration or Christmas Tree topper is super simple to make. All you will need is:

Some Green Card

Some Glitter

Some scissors

A pen


(String and hole punch optional)

Simply fold a piece of green card in half and draw an outline of a tree on the crease. Cut it out and unfold so you end up with a symmetrical tree.  Blob on glue in random spots and then sprinkle different coloured glitters onto each glue spot. Shake off and leave to dry. Once dry, use as you wish. If you put some string through it (use a hole punch to make the hole in the top of the tree so you can thread some string through) you can hang it from a tree, use some glue on the back and stick it on the front of a blank card or use some sticky tape to stick it on a window.

 Candy Cane Tree Decoration

Candy Cane Craft

Again, an easy peasy one to make with even the smallest of kiddies. All you will need is:

Some White Card


Red and White Pom Poms

Pen or Pencil


Just draw a candy cane shape on the card and cut it out. Spread glue all over the front of the card and stick the pom poms on in an alternating red and white pattern. Hang on the tree from the hook of the candy cane. Again, this would work as a card topper.

 A Christmas Eve Box


Now, I shall make no secret of my bug bear with these things, purely because parents have enough on their plates without having to worry about sorting a box of goodies for Christmas Eve to ensure it is picture perfect. I have seen LOADS of them on Pinterest and Facebook – some costing parents upwards of £30 if you buy a ready made one, but I thought I would include a cheap and easy version if you wanted to have a go yourself. The premise behind them is nice, all coming together as a family on Christmas Eve to enjoy some treats but please don’t get going over the top and stressing yourself out because you haven’t had a personalised Santa plate made. Your kids will still love you if you don’t…

Anyhow, to make this cheap and easy Christmas Eve box you will need:

An old cardboard box

A film DVD you all like (doesn’t have to be new)

Some hot chocolate reindeer kits (see the craft at the top of the page) or just a pot of hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows!

Enough mugs from the cupboard from everyone (again, you don’t have to buy new!)

A plate (from the cupboard) for Santa’s mince pie to sit on.

Some chocolate treats for you to enjoy together, such as chocolate coins.

A hip flask full of your choice of booze for Santa

A glass to put Santa’s drink in later.

A Carrot for Santa’s reindeer.

A Mince Pie

Some porridge oats mixed with glitter in a bag to sprinkle outdoors as magical Reindeer Food.

Just pop them all in a box ready for Christmas Eve and there you have it! People add all sorts of things to their boxes, including new Christmas PJ’s and suchlike, but you really don’t need to go to town when Christmas is already so expensive. Just rummage in those cupboards, you’ll be amazed what you find knocking about in them!

 Icicle Tree Decoration

My son’s favourite craft we did because it conceals CHOCOLATE! He is his mothers son. All you will need is:

Tin Foil

Festive Chocolates

Blue and White Glitter



Simply take a piece of foil, approximately 5 inches wide and crinkle it a little. Place some chocolates inside, such as these Santa’s, and begin rolling it up into an icicle shape. Use the foil to seal the chocolates in by bending it to close any gaps. Use some glue on the outside and then sprinkle it with the glitter. Tie a piece of string to the top and hang from the tree. And there we have it, a really easy chocolate tree decoration!

Wishing you all a very Merry and Crafty Christmas!

Thank you to Wynsors for the lovely craft items, we had a lot of fun making things with them and all the spare craft materials have gone to my sons primary school to allow them to get crafty there.

If you’re looking for inexpensive but quality shoes, do check out their website!

Disclosure: I was sent some craft materials and some slippers by Wynsors world of shoes for the purpose of this article. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    These are such awesome ideas babe!

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