D.O.T Strikes again…


D.O.T (Destroyer of things) strikes again.

His latest victims have been his brothers school shoe, which he decided made a better breakfast bowl for his Cheerios than the one I’d given him, and a lovely book garden I’d acquired from the really rather amazing HelCat Emporium (find them on Etsy) which he decided to ‘maintain’ for me (by maintain I mean almost destroy and despite the cactus being sharper than a global knife, he still managed to pick it up! He also tried to eat part of the succulent that was planted in it, hopefully it’ll recuperate! This child feels no pain…or remorse).

Luckily I’ve managed to salvage my lovely book garden by replanting it all and the Cheerios were sans-milk so the school shoe wasn’t sodden 5 minutes before being put on to walk to school.

He’s certainly a spirited little thing this one… (As is Mummy, but my spirit is a little more Gin based).


Cheerio old chum!



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