Dinosaur Week! Day 3 – Crafty Little Thing: Edible Dinosaur Eggs!


“Eat your Greens!”

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…that’s what my Nan always used to say. And my mum. But did I listen as a kid?

Nope. But I think I might have found something green that the kids will like to eat…and for once it isn’t a load of green m&m’s! Win!

I was a real fuss-pot eater as a child and now I am a mum, I can’t help but feel karma has back back around to bite me on the posterior.

My boys, all 3 of them, are quite fussy. The eldest is coming out the other side of it now, thankfully, and the middle one is still fussy but ate dried, edible worms the other night at dinner so I can only assume he is beginning to see the light too! (Yes really, he did. You can read more about that here).

As part of my Dinosaur Week (in association with Stickerscape and Kali Stileman), I am going to show you all how to make eggs (a brilliant, nutritionally packed food) more ‘kid friendly’. To us adults, they probably look pretty gross but, trust me on this one, to a fussy 6 year old, the thought of eating these was so cool he tried them for the first time without a quibble.


So, here is my edible craft activity for Dinosaur Eggs! Perfect for picnics, school crafts, lunchboxes and birthday parties!


You will need…

As many eggs as you wish to cook

(I only did 2 because only my two older ones would eat these)

A saucepan

Some water

Some Green food colouring

(I used Gel colouring as the colour is more vivid but liquid colouring would also work)

How to do it…

1 – Place your eggs in a saucepan.

 2 – Fill the pan with water until the water is 1 cm above the top of the eggs.

3 – Place on the hob and bring the water to the boil.

4 – Once boiling, turn down to a gentle simmer and cook for 7 minutes. This will give you a hard boiled egg.

5 – Once cooked, remove from the hob and run the eggs immediately under cold water to stop them cooking any further.

6 – Once cooled, gently crack the shell on the eggs BUT DO NOT BREAK THE SHELL OR PEEL IT OFF!! You just want to cause cracks on the eggs surface. Squeezing the cracked egg gently in your hand will help loosen the cracks a bit more.

7 – Now place your eggs back in the saucepan and fill with cold water, up to 1 cm above the eggs again.

8 – Add your green food colouring to the water and gently stir until all the water is green.

9 – Leave the eggs to sit in the green water for 6 minutes.

10 – Remove from the water and peel the shell off the egg.

11 – Gently dab dry the eggs with some kitchen towel and place in a container ready to eat!

And there you have it!

Edible Dinosaur Eggs, fit for any packed lunch or birthday party!

if you have a go at these Dino eggs, do let me know over on my Facebook page or by tagging me on Instagram, @lifeisknutts

Now, off you go! Get cracking!


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Disclosure; This post is part of my Dinosaur Week with Stickerscape and Kali Stileman. I was sent some Wall Stickers to review. All words, thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.



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