Learning through play (aka: Let them make a huge chuffing mess!)


“Let toddlers feed themselves…” they said.
“Let them play with their food…” they said.

“Let them explore the textures with their hands…” they said.

“Why the hell did I let him do that?!” I said.

“Please stop putting that sodding yoghurt in your hair, Ben!” I said,

“I’ve had enough of this crap, time for a Gin…” I said.



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  1. February 7, 2016 / 9:52 pm

    On nights that I’m just too exhausted to think, I try to find the least messiest meal so I won’t have to clean up! And of course my toddler doesn’t want that and I end up caving and giving him spaghetti that ends up looking like there has been a massive spaghetti explosion after he’s done! Oh the joys of toddler life.

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