Christmas Alcoholic Mint-choc Milkshake (with snacks by Tyrrell’s)

There. I said it. The ‘C’ word. In November. I’m sorry. I don’t like to do this to you all but, the sad fact of the matter is, despite me still thinking the summer holidays were only last week, it somehow appears to be almost Christmas! One thing that makes me feel less stressed about the whole shebang is the excitement I feel at having Christmas cocktails again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a Mojito as much as the next bedraggled parent, but there is something about supping on a winter cocktail that fills me with joy…and alcohol.

Here is a simple recipe for an alcoholic milkshake which combines two of my favourite winter flavours, chocolate and mint. It’s really delicious and, as always, if you you leave out the alcohol it would be suitable for kids and grown ups that can’t or don’t drink.


(makes 2 jam jar sized glasses)

100ml Baileys

20 Aero Mint Balls (keep 6 back to decorate)

4 large scoops of chocolate ice cream

200ml Cold milk

2 heaped tablespoons of Chocolate Nesquik (or equivalent milkshake powder)

Squirty cream (to decorate)

Some butterscotch syrup mixed with a little green food colouring (I used Tate and Lyle)

Some Mint Matchstick chocolates (to decorate)


– Place the Baileys, mint aero balls, chocolate ice cream, nesquik powder and cold milk in a blender.

– Blitz for 30 seconds and then pulse for another 30 seconds.

– Divide the milkshake between 2 glasses, leaving enough space on top to finish with some cream.

– Top the glass with some squirty cream, drizzle with the green syrup and finish off by placing 3 mint aero balls and a mint matchstick on top.

*Serve with a spoon and a straw*

areo mint milkshake cocktail

 Snack accompaniment suggestion – with Tyrrell’s

Christmas time signals the start of numerous festive gatherings with friends and loved ones, possibly with a plentiful amount of alcohol at your finger tips (hurrah!). To stop yourself from becoming too tipsy and making a bit of a festive fool of yourself (here speaks someone of experience on that front) you should make sure you eat whilst you’re drinking. It’s also the ‘done thing’ to take snacks to someones house if they’re hosting which brings me onto these yuletide yummies…

tyrrells three bird roast crisps and bellini poshcorn

Tyrrell’s snacks have always been a firm favourite in our household and this Christmas, they have two new exciting ones out. These are Three Bird Roast Crisps and Beillini Cocktail Poshcorn! How good do they sound?!
I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of samples in the post and I scoffed some last night after making my first festive cocktail.

I have to say, I was looking forward to the crisps but I wasn’t sure what to expect from the popcorn, however, it really is lovely! It’s not like anything I have had before, it’s not sweet as such and is really zingy with it’s peach flavour. Not sour, but it certainly wakes your taste buds up! I think it’s the perfect thing to snack on whilst drinking because it’s neither too salty, nor too sweet and wouldn’t make whatever you’re drinking taste funny. I could definitely see me having a couple of handfuls of it Christmas day, whilst sipping on some Champers with my other hand up the rear end of a turkey…

tyrrell's beillini poshcorn

The Three Bird Roast crisps (a delicious combo of Turkey, Chicken and Duck) didn’t let me down either but, where Tyrrell’s are concerned, when do they ever?

They are crunchy, full of flavour and taste a bit like a posh roast chicken crisp. Tyrrell’s say they are, “guaranteed to avoid ‘foul tempers’ at Christmas” so pop some in a bowl and dish them out this Christmas to avoid any festive feuds!

Tyrrell's three bird roast christmas crisps

The Poshcorn will retail at £1.59 RRP for 90g and the crisps are £2.19 RRP for 150g.

You can find them in all good supermarkets down the route to instant happiness aisle, also known as the crisp and snack aisle.

If you fancy trying some of these snacks for yourself, just head on over to the Tyrrell’s website where you can enter a competition for your chance to win some! Also, if you leave some of them out for Santa on Christmas Eve, he will be sure to put you on the ‘extra-specially good list’ next year…

Happy (almost) Christmas!