Pick your Poison: Lucky Charm Milkshake Cocktail

Lucky charm milkshake cocktail recipe

Something for the weekend maybe?

I am in my thirties and until this week, I had never eaten Lucky Charms. Boxes of this beloved American cereal cost a lot over here in the U.K (often £6/£7 per box!) so when I saw they were on offer whilst out and about last week, I thought I would treat the kids (ok, and myself) to some. I know they’re full of sugar, and lord knows what else, but as a treat? Why not I say. It’s not like they’re going to be eating them every morning.

A little of what you fancy does you good, right?!

Anyhow, after tasting them and seeing them floating about in my milk, I thought, wouldn’t they make a lovely addition to the top of a milkshake! So I got creative. Here is the result.

You can make it alcoholic by adding in 50ml of Vanilla vodka or make it kid/pregnancy/breastfeeding friendly by leaving that out and adding in a dash of vanilla essence instead.

A complete treat, and not something to have too often unless you want type 2 diabetes, but absolutely worth a taste!

(My kids shared a non-alcoholic one between the 3 of them – just throw 3 straws in the jar and let them at it – just as a guide).

 Lucky charm milkshake cocktail recipe


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