Pick your Poison: Turbo Gin & Tonic


Let’s go Turbo!

Have you heard about the latest craze to hit the Gin world by storm? It’s a bit of an odd one but bear with me, it’s totally worth it.

The latest craze is to put cold brew coffee in your G&T, thus creating a Turbo Gin and Tonic.

Sounds odd I know, but it really does work and what better way to perk yourself up than with a Gin mixed with coffee? You’ll be buzzing in no time. Think of the speed  in which you could get the housework done after drinking one of these!


First off, what is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is the new kid on the coffee block. People everywhere are raving about it due to it’s apparently superior taste compared to normal coffee.

To make it, ground coffee is steeped in room-temperature water for up to 24-hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence which is then diluted with water, usually by 50%, and is then served chilled. The end product results in a sweeter, less acidic drink which, certainly in the summer months, delivers a satisfying and strong coffee flavour but in a new way.

The fact the coffee is less acidic also means it sits better in the stomach and can stop the person drinking it suffering the dreaded ‘Tom-tits’ (that’s cockney rhyming slang for sh*ts if you aren’t familiar). That’s got to be a bonus, right?!

How to make your own cold brew coffee at home

Simply put a teaspoon of coffee grounds per cup of coffee you’re making into a Cafetiere.

Top up with water from the kettle which is room temperature and then leave it to steep for 24 hours.

Once steeped, plunge the cafetiere and decant the coffee into a sterilised kilner jar or bottle and close with a firm/airtight lid.

The coffee will keep for up to 14 days in the fridge like this.

Turbo Gin and Tonic Recipe

Turbo Gin and Tonic recipe using cold brew coffee


(makes 1 glass)

35ml Gin (one with a strong hit of Juniper works very well with this – Sipsmith is a good one to use)

150ml Tonic water

10ml Cold Brew Coffee


Coffee Beans to decorate (and a slice of lemon rind if you wish)


Place the ice in a glass of your choice

Add the Gin

Pour in the cold brew coffee

Top with your tonic

Decorate with some whole Coffee Beans and a slice of lemon rind if you wish.

Turbo Gin and TOnic with Cold brew coffee recipe. Cocktail.

And there we have it! Super simple once the cold brew coffee is made and a lovely change to your usual Gin and Tonic.


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