Crafty Little Thing: Halloween Intestine Jelly…

Red Jelly with Strawberry Shoelaces in it to make it look like Intestines. It is for Halloween.

It’s the 1st of October and Autumn is officially here.

I’ve woken up to dark skies, rain and a definite chill in the air.

I don’t mind this weather combo if it is a stay at home day, sipping hot chocolate and watching a film with the family but sadly, today, I am off out to play hockey.

In the rain.


 With Halloween at the end of this month, I thought I would start doing some Halloween crafts/bakes/drinks for you all and so here is my first one…

Intestine Jelly!

I made this for my kids when they had a play date the other day, to test their reaction, and they thought it was ‘super gross’ and ‘cool’ in equal measure.

Praise indeed from 7 and 8 year olds – they can be more critical than Gordon Ramsey…

It’s really simple to make, so simple I managed it, and would look great on the table at a Halloween Party!

 You will need…

1 Packet of Jelly (I used Hartley’s Black Cherry Jelly)

1 Packet of Strawberry Shoelace Sweets (I used these ones)

A Glass Bowl (I used a small glass one which the jelly filled to halfway once made up)

A platter or plate to serve on

 How to do it…

– Make the Jelly up, as per the packet instructions. I used Hartley’s Black cherry jelly which gave a really good, deep red colour (oh, and it tastes amazing too!)

– Tip the jelly liquid into your glass bowl.

– Add the Strawberry Shoelace sweets to the bowl of Jelly liquid

– Place in the fridge to set, as per packet instructions, ideally it should be left for 5 hours at least.

– When you’re ready to serve, set the Jelly bowl in a larger bowl of very hot water for a few seconds to loosen it from the edge. It’ll then slide out onto the plate easier.

– Remove the jelly bowl from the water after 30 seconds or so. Place your plate or serving on top of the jelly bowl and turn it over to release the jelly.

– You should now have a domed plate of stringy, wormy, intestine-looking jelly wobbling proudly on your plate.

– Decorate as you desire, I used some plastic spiders and a pretend web from a craft box I was sent by Viking Stationary to help set a spooky scene!

Another photo of Intestine Jelly. Made with black cherry jelly by hartley's and strawberry shoelace sweets. It is decorated with plastic spiders and a pretend spider web.

If you have a go at this spookily delicious craft, do share it with me over on my Facebook or Instagram page!


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