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I love to try my hand at different Crafty projects at home, much to the despair of my husband. A piece of driftwood to him is best left on the beach, whereas I see some and i want to make something out of it and hang it on the wall. The poor bloke…

On this page, I will share with you all the different crafty things I’ve attempted (the good and the bad…often very bad!) and you can either have a go yourselves, get some ideas and inspiration or just laugh at me and thank your lucky stars you aren’t married to me!

Driftwood & Kilner Jar,

wall mounted flower Vases

Things you will need:

3 X adjustable hose clips (available from any decent hardware shop)

1 X piece of Driftwood, or any reclaimed wood you like really

3 X Kilner Jars

A hammer

A tape measure

A workbench

A pencil

3 Nails (suitable for the depth of your piece of wood)

A metal pin punch (looks like a screwdriver but with a pointy end)

Picture frame fixings (if required, for wall hanging)


How the hell did I do it?!

(Unorthodox method now follows…)

1) Take your piece of wood and clean it up as you see fit. Luckily my piece of driftwood was in pretty good order and just needed a little brush over.

2) Decide if you’re hanging your driftwood Kilner jar vases on the wall. If you are, fix some picture hanging brackets on the back of your driftwood so it’s ready to be hung on the wall at the end.

3) On the front of your driftwood, measure and mark the Centre point using your tape measure. This will be where you place your first Kilner jar. Then measure from the left hand edge to the Centre point to get the middle of the 1st section, and then again from the right hand edge to the Centre to get the 3rd section. Now you have the positions for your 3 Kilner jars marked.

4) Take your hose clips and position one on the workbench. Use the punch tool and the hammer to drive a hole into the hose clip where the Centre point is as you rest the clip on the workbench (so the screw of the hose clip is on the left hand side and the nail can go through the back of the clip and then into the driftwood).

Repeat this for the other 2 hose clips.

(Note: This step can take a bit of effort but if you’re a savvy shopper, you can sometimes find hose clips that come with little holes in saving you a job…and a lot of swearing!)

5) Take your hose clips, now with the holes punched in, and find your 3 nails.

Lay the driftwood down on your workbench with the ‘show side’ facing you.

Using the hammer, hold the hose clip in place as you bang a nail in through the clip and into the driftwood to secure it in place.

Repeat this step for the next 2 hose clips.

6) Now all your hose clips are in place, just slide you Kilner jars into the clips and tighten them using the large screw to the left of the clip, using a screwdriver.

Your Kilner jars will now be fastened securely into the clips and you can straighten them up by sight once you’ve got all the jars in place.

7) Hang your driftwood Kilner jar vases on the wall and fill as you see fit (some ideas would be fresh flowers and water, dried flowers or battery powered fairy lights. You could also use them as storage for odds and sods such as paper clips, pens and pencils, coins or even cotton buds/cotton wool if you were putting it in a bathroom!)

8) Now stand back, marvel at what you have made, go have a Gin and question why on earth you decided to have a go at it…bloody Pinterest. Always makes stuff look so easy!

Copper Coin Wall Art Letters

I made these to go on a chalkboard wall in our new kitchen/diner.

Again, hubby initially hated them, I love them…so they stayed. 😂
Things you will need:

Cardboard Letters of your choice from Hobbycraft or suchlike (normally about £2 each)

Some Paint of your choice (I used some leftover paint to match our wall colour)

Small Paintbrush (raid the kids art box!)

Spare coppers/change (raid that coin jar!!!)

Strong craft glue, not Pritt Stick!

A sharp pencil (if hanging on the wall, ignore this if not).
How to do it…

1) Put some paper down on your work surface and put an apron on (only joking, you don’t need an apron unless you’re 5…or just very messy!)

2) Open the paint and give it a stir.

Slap the paint all over the letters, front, back and sides and let them dry (you may need to do this bit in stages as it’ll become tricky to handle it without becoming covered in paint. Too much paint will also make your cardboard letter to a bit soggy!!)

3) Once dry, stick the copper coins on, using the glue, in a patten you like. I used only 1p’s but you can mix and match with 2p’s if you like (and you’re feeling flush!)

4) Leave to dry, preferably overnight and there you go! Some copper coin covered letters!

5) If you want to hang the letters on the wall, make a hole in the back of the letter using a sharp pencil or a screwdriver and then hang on the wall using a picture hook or a nail. They look just as good stood on a windowsill, shelf or table.

IDEAS: If you wanted to do them slightly differently, for a kids bedroom say, you could tear up the pages of a magazine and stick that on the letters (put glue on the letter, stick paper on and leave to dry and then seal with more glue over the top). I’ve seen some marvel comic ones which looked great but any favourite characters of theirs would go down well.

Or, if you have a sparkle lover in your house, put glue all over the letter and then sprinkle some glitter of your choice onto it. Get the kids involved, they’d love it! (But only do this outside…never sprinkle glitter indoors unless you want to look like a vampire from Twilight for a week) 😉

Reused Pallet Plant Pot Display

A little something I made for the garden using an old pallet we had left over once our building work had finished.

I love it, my husband doesn’t – so it’s staying 😉

I change what I put in the pots, sometimes salad and herbs, sometimes plants, and it requires watering even in winter to keep it looking as good as new.

It depends on which pallet you have got in your posession but to make this, all I had to do was remove 3 slats of wood off the top of the pallet to make the shelves. I did this by using the underneath of the pallet as the front and I then nailed the planks onto the existing framework.

I watered down some exterior paint and gave it a soak with that to get the light grey colour.

Once dry, I then painted a little patch with some chalkboard paint so I could write on it.

Super simple to make and a bit of a feature in the garden year round. I love it.

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