Pick your Poison: Pimms & Gin


Pick your Poison: Pimms & Gin


It’s Wimbledon Men’s finals day and…it’s raining. How very British!

In homage of this momentous occasion, coupled with the fact a Brit has made it into the final (whoop! Come on Andy Murray!), I thought it only appropriate to make a Pimms Cocktail, but with a twist. It won’t take a genius to guess what addition I’ve made (Gin – obviously), but I promise you it isn’t an unnecessary one! The Gin really perks this little tipple up and, even if you aren’t a Gin fan, this is a really great way of trying it.

Pimms No.1 cup is actually gin based, but adding this extra shot of gin, in my opinion, makes it feel a little bit more ‘grown up’ and stops me drinking it quite so quickly! Pimms is such an ‘easy’ tipple to drink that you can often get carried away with it! (I know I’ve ‘accidentally’ almost had a whole jug before now!) – I think adding the Gin makes for a slightly longer drink and my husband definitely preffered the stronger taste with the extra gin added to it – give it a go and see what you think!

So, without further ado, balls at the ready, tally-ho! It’s Pimms O’Clock chums!


(To make 1 highball glass of Pimms & Gin)

50ml – Pimms (preferably No.1 Cup but will work brilliantly with all the others too)

25ml – Gin

3 Strawberries (2 cut in half and one wedged on the side of the glass to decorate)

Mint to decorate

Enough lemonade to top up the glass

(Some cubed Ice if you wish)


1 – Place the Gin, Pimms and chopped strawberries into your glass (and the Cubed Ice if you are using it).

2 – Top with Lemonade

3 – Add a garnish of mint on the top, and a whole strawberry on the edge of your glass.

4 – Pop in a straw and away you go!

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If you have a go at this cocktail, do let me know by sharing it over on my Facebook page, or by tagging me over on Instagram @lifeisknutts

Chin, chin!

(and good luck Andy Murray!)




  1. admin
    July 10, 2016 / 11:31 am

    Me too. Thanks so much for reading and writing.xxxx

  2. Rachel
    July 10, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Pimms no1 is Gin based anyway so you’re just adding an extra hit of gin, never a bad thing in my book! Good work

  3. admin
    July 10, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Exactly that Rachel – I find Pimms quite an ‘easy’ drink (almost like a soft drink which is sooooo dangerous! I’ve drunk a jug before I know it! ) but if you add the shot of Gin to it, it’s definitely stronger tasting and feels more like a drink you’d take your time over if you know what I mean… The hubby preferred it with the Gin in but he finds Pimms quite sweet. Thanks so much for reading and writing! Lovely to hear from you.x

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