Funky Knutts – Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 7)

Funky Knutts Friday Music choices

It’s half term here in the Knutter household and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Mummy Knutts was at point break, as was eldest Master Knutts, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our week away from the routine of term time.

I have even been astounded to have the two eldest Knutters lie in. Yes folks, you heard that right, LIE. IN! Sadly the littlest Knutter didn’t get the memo about not having to get up at the crack of a sparrows fart and he has been depositing himself in bed with me at about 6am to show me kids unboxing toys on YouTube. Joy.

This week is all about a dance classic. This song came on my iPhone whilst it was on shuffle the other day and it’s one of those tunes that takes me straight back to a specific time and place. Memories of carefree days, prancing about like a lunatic with a Vodka and Red Bull in my hand (yuck, I cannot touch the bloody stuff now). Happy days indeed.

Faithless have been a little quite of late, but when their old stuff is as good as this, who cares?! (And yes folks, I’m sorry but this song really is 22 years old now. Waaaaaa!)

 Song: Insomnia

Artist: Faithless

Release date: 1995

Genre: Dance

 As well as it being an absolutely stonking tune for a Friday, it’s also pretty appropriate for any parents out there. There has been many an occasion that I have recited the lyrics to this at 3am when the toddler thinks it’s alright to want to use his bed as a trampoline.


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    I’m enjoying your blog totally. Thanks for sharing your life to us!
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