Funky Knutts: Songs to give you that Friday Feeling! (Week 2)

Funky Knutts Friday Music choices

It’s Friday again (Get in there! Bring on the Gin!) which means it is time for week 2 of Funky Knutts!

If you missed last weeks song choice to put you in that Friday mood, you can find it here.

This weeks song is classed as Alternative/Rock and is by a band I absolutely adore at the moment called, Kaleo. I was really lucky to see them live last year and I am off to see them again at the end of January (excitement level is pretty high for that one!). They sound just as epic in the flesh ( better in fact) than they do on their albums. A mixture of haunting blues ballads and get your rocks off guitar riffs. Trust me on this one, keep your eyes and ears peeled for these guys, they are going places!

 Artist: Kaleo

Song: No Good

Year of release: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Rock

Originally hailing from the land of fire and ice, otherwise known as Iceland, the four guys that make up the band Kaleo have been together since  2012. The band consists of JJ Julius Son (Jökull Júlíusson) (vocals and guitar), David Antonsson (percussion and vocals), Daniel Kristjansson (bass guitar), and Rubin Pollock (guitar and vocals).

They moved to Austin, Texas in 2015 to pursue their music dreams and their career has really taken off in the US, as well as in their homeland of Iceland. They are doing well here in the UK now and if you listen to their music, you’ll soon see why.

Being the super the cool dudes they are, and being Icelandic helps, they have filmed videos for songs inside a volcano and also on an iceberg. Epic right?! Iceland already holds a piece of my heart (it was our honeymoon destination) but watching these videos makes you realise what a country it truly is.

Here are the videos if you wish to have a watch/listen because these songs are brilliant too.


Remember that name.

They’re going places.



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  2. November 24, 2020 / 11:05 am

    Even the best paid bands in my area – the ones who’ve been at it for years, slogging away building a reputation are lucky to earn half of this figure. Drunk people like music, and 99% of the time that is a good thing, but 1% of the time they like it a bit too much. We’ve had folks with out-of-tune guitars and screaming voices come up and join us on our original songs.

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