Where are my bl**dy keys?! A Beets Blu PagerTag Review

A graphic about being forgetful. Why did I walk in here in the first place?!

I am truly more forgetful than Dory these days…


I am that forgetful that, even if I was Dory, I would probably forget to keep swimming.

Yep. That bad.

My husband has often said that he thinks I pushed my brain out along with our first baby. Delightful isn’t he (but sadly he’s probably not far wrong).

When I was contacted a few weeks ago to see if I would like to review a Beets Blu PagerTag, after googling what it was, I jumped at the chance! This snazzy little bit of kit can be tied onto a multitude of different things (such as keys or a purse) and, once connected up to your smart phone or tablet, can tell you where the item is using a proximity alert and it can also relay a sound which you can follow. So handy, and lets face it, a bit of a sanity saver!

I decided to put my PagerTag on my keys. Despite the bunch of keys I have being the size of a small child, I still manage to loose them in my bag or in various places around the house. The keys that is, not my small child. It drives me up the wall and I often think the few marbles I have been left with, after having 3 boys and a husband, have packed their bags and left my brain, never to return.

I put the PagerTag on my keys…

…oh, wait, did I already tell you that?!

Sorry, I forgot.

So, once the PagerTag is attached to your item, you just need to download the free app onto your smart phone or tablet and sync the two up.

I managed to figure out the pairing up between the PagerTag and my iPhone pretty easily (the app is very easy to use) and, after a couple of minutes, the PagerTag was good to go!

 You can control the PagerTag from your phone with the push of a button in your app and, if you wish to buy some more PagerTags to attach to other items, you can. All you would need to do then is just tell the app what each PagerTag is attached to (you can also take a photo of your item to use as a profile photo); keys, purse, handbag, glasses case etc, so you can keep tabs on them. I might attach one to my toddler (joking) 😉

It is about the size of a photo key ring, so not at all cumbersome, and it is powered using a watch type battery, which is easily replaceable once it needs a new one.

 If you have a forgetful family member, this would make a great gift for them! I know my dad would find it useful…if he could use a mobile 😉

The Beets Blu PagerTag is available via Amazon and is priced at approximately £20.00 (price correct at time of writing).

 I have used my PagerTag at least 5 times in the last 2 months and it has definitely saved me a few grey hairs!

Give it a go!

Are you forgetful these days too?


Disclosure: I was sent a voucher to buy a Beets Blu PagerTag via Amazon for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and words are my own,


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