They’re laughter lines, not wrinkles (A Skinn Cosmetics Review)

wrinkled is not something i wanted to be when I grew up

Someone once said, “wrinkles are just telling the story of where smiles have been”.

It’s a nice quote isn’t it.

But I think in my case, mine are definitely caused by a good few years of no sleep, anger issues due to small people not doing what the chuff they’ve been told to do and weather beaten from years playing hockey in all weathers. Hail stones and heavy rain to the face are, it’s safe to say, in no way exfoliating.

Back in July, I was sent some face creams and serums to try by the lovely people at Ideal World.

The brand is called Skinn and it’s creator is a chap called Dimitri James.

Here is the reason he started his cosmetics company;

“Before starting Skinn Cosmetics, I worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. I found myself constantly frustrated with the way they did business. Unfortunately, the big cosmetic companies never seem to care about making quality products that actually help the consumer. Their “formula” was always the same: make a cheap product, put it in a fancy jar with a nice box and charge as much as possible. After learning that I was never going to change how those big companies do business from within, I realized I needed to change the nature of the very industry in which they operate.”
Dimitri James

As an industry veteran, Dimitri learned that the majority of the money at the big cosmetics houses is not spent on the product. In fact, it seems to go everywhere but the product: ad campaigns, department store counter space, Park Avenue offices, and most of all, packaging. Believe it or not, most companies spend more money on the container and fancy boxes than on the formulations inside. At Skinn, we focus on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks. Skinn Cosmetics incorporates the time-honored methods of mothers and grandmothers who made their own soaps, creams and masks at home using pure, natural ingredients. These classic traditions combined with the most advanced technology and delivery systems available differentiate Skinn from all other cosmetic brands. Skinn treatments and color cosmetics are famously full of actives, yet devoid of unnecessary water, fillers, or excess packaging. To ensure the highest quality possible, Skinn built its own production facility at the company’s Southern California headquarters.

 (Information from Skinn’s website –

I loved the sound of this companies ethos and, as a mum to 3 boys, my priorities don’t lie with myself anymore. I’m sure many of you can relate to that. Gone are the days I would spend £40 on some face cream or £50 on a top because, to be quite honest, the money goes on the kids and things they need. I end up settling for a cheap and cheerful pot cream by a big brand or a new jumper from Primani (or Primark if you will). So, for me, trying some lovely face creams like this was a real treat.

I have funny skin. My husband would probably say that suits my personality…

It gets very dry in the winter, but very shiny in the summer. It’s also different depending on the area of my face. My forehead and cheeks get dry, but my chin and nose are the opposite so I often find it tricky finding a face cream that isn’t too heavy, but that will also moisturise my dryer spots.

When I opened the package up, I was delighted to see I had been sent 3 different products to try.


There was an Age Delay Facial Serum, an eye serum and a 24 hour youth preservation cream.

Snazzy sounding eh?! Basically, one is a serum to put on your face, one is a serum for your eye area and one is a face cream you put on one you have put the serum on.

Upon testing the products, I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of them. A hint of rose about the face serum, the eye serum had no scent whatsoever and the face cream was also scentless. I think it is reassuring when you can’t smell anything in a face product unless its identifiable as something natural, like the rose smell I mentioned. So many creams and lotions have all sorts of chemicals and additives in these days, many of which irritate my skin, so this was a really refreshing thing to notice.

The face cream is very thick, and almost springy to the touch. I found you only need a small amount of it as a result. The same can be said for the face and eye serums actually.

Less is more as they say.

All the products went on really easily, sunk into my skin well and didn’t leave it feeling sticky or irritated. As a side note however, my mum tried the eye serum because she suffers terribly with very dry skin in that area. Sadly, it irritated the skin around her eyes and stung a bit so she couldn’t use it. I however, was fine with it. I guess it’s like most things, what works for someone won’t work for someone else. I loved it though and, although it didn’t get rid of my ‘laughter lines’ (apparently I must smile sometimes, who knew?!) it did make putting eye makeup on easier and my skin felt very smooth.


The face serum is pretty good on it’s own, I used this at night after I’d had a wash just as something light to stop it drying out. It did a great job and I didn’t wake up with my skin feeling greasy or oily.


  The face cream, although heavy and thick in the pot, went on very easy and didn’t feel thick on my skin. It is quite luxurious and left my skin feeling supple and bright.


After using them for just over a month, I have noticed no major improvements as yet over my old face cream, but my husband said that my skin looks brighter and I have actually not worn any form of foundation for over a month now because I don’t feel like I need it, so I suppose in that respect it has made an improvement.

My anger lines are still there, but I think they’re here to stay sadly unless I used Polyfiller…

 In conclusion, I would say that the Skinn cosmetics range is a worthwhile investment. It’s a high end range but without the high end price.

If you’re looking for a new skincare range to try, I would honestly recommend giving Skinn a try. It is available via Ideal World.


Disclosure: I was sent some Skinn cosmetics products to try in return for an honest review by Ideal World. All thoughts, words, opinions and photos are my own.



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