Get your Bake On: Creme & Mini Egg Loaded Brownie

I’ve been baking again.

I often like to bake when I am feeling a bit stressed out, and this week has been up there in the stressful stakes thanks to my middle one (yep, the one with the broken arm) continuing to ignore my pleas of not jumping about the furniture and the garden like a lunatic, potty training the toddler and listening to the husband tell me what new cars he is off to test drive this weekend (I have had to ignore how much he has told me they all cost. Sob).

I sought solace in my kitchen and set about making another easter treat fit for all the family this weekend called;

Creme & Mini Egg Loaded Brownie

It’s such a good brownie recipe and it’s a really great way to use up a glut of easter eggs should you end up with copious amounts! On that subject, feel free to ignore my suggested amounts of mini eggs and creme eggs in this recipe and go mad, the more the merrier I say!

There are a lot of steps in this recipe, but don’t let that put you off. You’ll be able to knock up a batch of these in just over an hour (including cooling and cooling time) and it really is very simple to do. Trust me, even I managed to make them.

I’ve eaten 3 chunks of this myself now so I can vouch for it’s deliciousness. I might have to have another one in a minute though just to make sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

 Recipe for creme egg and mini egg brownie

If it lasts that long, this Brownie will keep for 2 weeks in an airtight container and you can also freeze it, minus the Creme eggs on the top, for up to a month. If freezing, just leave to defrost, covered with foil, at room temperature overnight and it’ll be good to go the next day.

Get Your Bake On: Fried Egg Easter Chocolate Slab

With Easter hopping it’s way towards us, I have gone into panic mode and realised the Easter Bunny (aka, muggins here) hasn’t bothered to get my children any Easter Eggs yet. Oops.

This is entirely on purpose however, because I am literally incapable of storing chocolate in the house and not eating it. It’s for the sake of my waistline and bank balance folks, honest, and not just because I am disorganised.

As much as Easter Eggs and Easter themed treats can be a bit of a swindle money wise (yep, that solid bar of dairy milk contains way more chocolate for your bucks than that novelty easter egg) there is a fun novelty about them that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your kids faces. Oh ok, and mine. I’m also a sucker for an easter egg or twenty.

As I’m not at all religious, I like to think of Easter as a special time for family and friends to be able to spend much needed time together and also to celebrate new life and the hard work our farmers do, especially at this time of year with lambs being born. Spring truly is a wonderful time of year. Flowers are out, trees have woken from their slumber, newborn farm animals are in the fields and Creme Eggs are in the supermarkets. Happiness is.

If you don’t have the cash to splash on a swish chocolate egg or novelty chocolate ‘slab’ (like they sell in Hotel Chocolat) fear not, I have a simple recipe here guaranteed to make family and friends hoppy with EGGcitement (sorry, I had to throw at least one egg yolk in there. Oh, and another!)

All you need is a couple of bars of chocolate and some food colouring!

This Fried Egg Easter Chocolate Slab will make the perfect handmade gift or, if you’re not into sharing, just scoff it yourself.

Easter chocolate slab easter egg

Get your Bake On: Traditional Farmhouse Cake

With Easter edging ever closer, our minds start being filled with visions of mounds of chocolate eggs for the next week or two – yes, I might have been counting Creme Eggs to get myself to sleep some nights. I know they aren’t quite the same anymore but I am still a sucker for one. Or 5.

*On that point, they seem to have shrunk again this year don’t they? I think by next year we might as well by their Mini version because they will probably be bigger than the proper Creme Egg. Sad times).

That said, if you’re not a chocolate fan, or you know someone who isn’t (I wish I wasn’t, as does my shapely behind) I’m here to lend you a helping hand and offer a non-chocolate alternative. It’s a recipe for a traditional ‘Farmhouse Cake’ (which in my world is a simple, lightly spiced, raisin filled cake) which would make a lovely alternative easter gift for someone – delivered in a nice cake tin along with a box of tea bags would be my suggestion – and the fact it’s been lovingly homemade has to be a winner.

When we were on holiday in Dorset last week, we were greeted at the holiday cottage with a freshly made one of these and it was so lovely to have a just baked cake to welcome us for the week. The lovely cottage owner had baked it and it was truly delicious. It’s one of those cakes that often gets overlooked because it’s not gaudy or particularly eye-catching, but it has to be up there in my top 5 cakes of all time. You can’t beat well baked simplicity sometimes.

As I said, if you serve this cake with a nice cup of tea, I guarantee it’ll go down a storm.

Farmhouse cake


Get your Bake on: DIY Party Ring Biscuits

Party Ring biscuits have been a birthday buffet staple since I was little. There is just something about them that I love. They taste great for starters, but I also love the nostalgia that hits me when I see a plate full of them. Colourful, fun and way more exciting than a rich tea!

Scoffing some party rings transports me back to parties at peoples houses, where pass the parcel only had a prize in the middle (nope, shock horror, not everyone was a winner back in the 80’s where pass the parcel was concerned!), we crimped our hair and wore highly flammable shell suits as we blew out the candles on our birthday cakes.

Seen as it was the littlest ones birthday yesterday, I thought I would have a go at making some myself. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know myself, but I have to say, they were pretty delicious and I am certain that they would go down well at a school bake sale when the time comes around again.

You can ice them in any colours you like, meaning you can make them fit in with your party theme if you have one, and because you have made them yourself, you know exactly what has gone in them. No nasties. Unless the kids have helped you that is. Then they are probably full of spit and bogeys…

Here’s the recipe!

(PS: The icing used is just Royal Icing – I bought this as a box of powdered sugar and made it up as per the box instructions. You want the icing thin enough to pipe, but thick enough that it won’t run off the biscuit and make a mess. Use the 5 second rule with the consistency – when you drop the icing back into the bowl after lifting it up with a spoon, the ribbon of icing dropped should take 5 seconds to disappear back into the mixture).

Happy scoffing!

Party ring biscuit recipe

Get your Bake On: Oat Honey and Raisin Breakfast Muffins

A simple recipe for Oat Honey and Raisin Breakfast muffins.

These muffins are perfect as an on the go Breakfast, or as a mid morning treat without too much guilt! They are so easy to make that the kids can get involved too!

I did this one in the for of a video so I could put it on my YouTube channel. You can watch it below.