Pancake Pictures…

For goodness sake.

All day I’ve seen articles (NETMUMS!!), had emails, Pinterest suggestions and news stories on amazing pancake designs.

Here’s a few of them…


WTF?! How? Why?

Don’t get me wrong, they’re all amazing (and I’m just bitterly jealous I’m utterly crap at baking/cooking) but seriously, do these people not have other things to be getting on with?!

The closest my kids will be getting to Peppa Pig pancakes are these…


Mmmm…bacon Pancakes 😋

Good luck to you all in your quest for pancake perfection this evening.

May the force be with you.


How my pancakes will probably look…



Good morning Tossers!!!

…wait, wait, wait, I’m not being rude or derogatory, it’s….




Therefore I assumed you’d all be tossing your socks off today.

Let’s hope nobody has a Daddy Pig related mishap… (He’s such a clown)

I’ll be using my trusty childrens recipe book to make my pancake mix, which I’ve had since I was 9 years old. It’s foolproof and even tells you what utensils you’ll need. Marvelous. Sadly it doesn’t explain how to make a shed load of pancakes whilst you have 3 children in the house chanting, “Toss! Toss! Toss! Toss!” (which is hilarious in itself) and are waiting in anticipation of the big moment where you try to launch the pancake into the stratosphere…only for it to get stuck to the pan, fold itself over and cook itself into a pancake which resembles a dog turd. Oh the shame. Every sodding year.

Oh, and NEVER expect the first pancake to go right. It’s always a reject one in our house – by that I mean it’s the only one I get to eat because my family are such gluttons when it comes to these fried discs of yumminess that by the time they’re full up, there’s no batter mix left for me… Sob. (I may cry into the batter mixture just so they taste of my bitter resentment).

So, have a jolly good day all you Tossers out there!

“I just made a pancake with a hole in it! Holy crepe!”

The Holy Grail…of baking!

I’ve hit the jackpot!!!My late Nan’s recipe book has been found…complete with handwritten recipes by her for my childhood memory favourites of Shortbread, Viennese Whirls and Coffee and Walnut cake.

For me, it’s like finding the holy grail!

Over on my blog I have a little dedication to my Nan, and I’m going to endevour to update this page with some recipes, photos of good and bad bake attempts I’ve had (mostly bad, I should’ve paid more attention to my Nan’s baking rather than just scoffing it!) and all things baking related.

Now where’s my apron….