Life is Knutts mentioned over on Double the Monkey Business

Life is Knutts has been mentioned over on another super blog!

Its always nice to know that people like what you’re writing and getting a mention by one of your peers makes all the hard graft worthwhile.

Yvonne is a wonderfully supportive lady who blogs over at Double the Monkey Business. She is a married mum of 2 boys (who happen to be twins) and she writes about their daily family life as well as documenting her personal struggle with HELLP Syndrome, which affected Yvonne immediately after she gave birth to her twin boys. A potentially life threatening condition, which can be easily confused with Pre-eclampsia, and a truly terrifying thing for someone to experience. To find out more about HELLP Syndrome, head on over to Yvonne’s blog and take a look at this post she has done; H is for HELLP.

Thanks for the blog love Yvonne, it’s really appreciated.

I’m glad I’ve made you laugh.

You can Read the blog post Yvonne wrote, here!


Blog mention over on Double the Monkey Business…

The lovely blogger over at a rather brilliant blog called Double the Monkey Business has given me a little mention in her latest post about Guilty Pleasures…

No, I’m not her guilty pleasure (oh, er…) but she has said some super things about me and my blog and mentioned today’s post I did about how scary the Easter Bunny is…

You can read the blog post over at Double the Monkey Business HERE, and do have a look at some of her other posts – she’s a brilliant writer and often makes me laugh and cry in the space of one blog post.

Thanks for the mention and thanks to all you lovely Knutters for reading.xx


Eek! Blog post of the week for #effitfriday over at Life with Baby Kicks!

I’ve got that Friday Feeling people!!
The Gin is poised on the kitchen side ready for the clock to strike 7pm, the tonic is chilling out in the fridge and my slobbing pjs are laid out on my bed in anticipation of the almighty weekend!!!

(Not that it’s much of a break at the weekend for us mums, but the lack of school run chaos does help alleviate my rage a little…)

Anyhow, I’ve woken up to the smashing news that I’ve had a blog post featured as “post of the week” over on the lovely blog, Life with Baby Kicks.

I submitted my rant about the bog roll never being replenished and it apparently made Laura laugh so much she spat her wine out. THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE!! I MADE A MUM IN DIRE NEED OF WINE SPIT IT OUT DUE TO LAUGHING SO MUCH! 

That, for me, is better than an Oscar (although, I am actually very sorry that I made you waste the precious elixir of sanity Laura…)

You can find Laura’s super blog (and my mention) here…
Blog post of the week for #effitfriday over on Life with Baby
I’m off for a celebratory wee. On my own. And I’m taking my own loo roll just in case. Rock and roll people, rock and chuffing roll…


Tots 100 Awards
Life with Baby Kicks

Life is Knutts mentioned over on blog, Purity Belle…

Ah, I’ve had the nicest surprise this morning.

I was reading a fellow bloggers post, over at a lovely blog called Purity Belle, and she has given me a little mention to say I gave her some inspiration to write her latest post…

She said she was inspired by a post I did about being shy and unconfident as a child (and as a grown up for that matter) during the week (you can find that post here: Britmums Post: Self) and she has gone on to explain her own struggles with shyness as well as her daughters.

You can read her blog post here…

Purity Belle Blog Link
Thanks for the mention.xx

I’m off for a celebratory breakfast Gin 😉🍸


*Very Parent Problems: A new Facebook Page*

In a moment of madness I’ve set a Facebook page called, Very Parent Problems. It’s a parody/spin off of the very popular, “Very British Problems” which I absolutely LOVE. 
I’ll attempt to update this page once per day with a witty musing about the things we say out loud as parents, whilst explaining what is really going on in our heads as we are saying it.

A bit like a grown ups version of Inside Out… (My version would contain mainly swearing and Gin so I’m not sure it’d be a family sit down movie like the original)

Feel free to share any of your ‘Very Parent Problems’ on there as well! 

I’d love to hear from you all…think of it as free therapy 😉

Very Parent Problems – Only on Facebook