So, a little while ago, a post went viral on the World Wide Web, and on a marvelous blog called The Unmumsy Mum. The post was by a mum, at her wits end, who was trying to help one of her kids with their homework.

The homework referred to a woman called, Ruth. Ruth was perfect, she never did a thing wrong. She had a perfect life, perfect kids, perfectly pert boobs and the sun shone from her posterior so brightly you’d need sunglasses on in her presence. Needless to say, the mum who was helping her child was less than impressed with this ‘Ruth’ and needed to vent…

Here’s the full story on Ruth!!!! If you want to have a read of the back story.

Anyhow, this got me thinking.

There is also a dude called Bill doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment. He too is a smug git who never does anything wrong, doesn’t annoy people and is generally pretty perfect.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that Bill and Ruth are married. How did we not see it before?! Both smug, both perfect, both taking over the Internet. It’s world domination they’re aiming for, like the Richard and Judy of modern times…

We must stop them before we look, and feel, even crapper than we already do about our mediocre lives and our merely average performing children.

Don’t be like Bill. Or Ruth.

They’re arseholes.

Be like you.