(A bit of a rude one i’m afraid – but you can’t avoid what kids are going to pick up on sometimes…)
Whilst we were out today, my eldest son saw some Grafitti on a wall.
Then this conversation happened…


“Yes, Luke”.

“That writing on the wall over there said Milf. M. I. L. F. Milf. That’s a funny sounding word…”

“It is isn’t it…”

(Someone kill me now)

“I don’t know what MILF means, do you?”

(Lie goddamnit!!! Lie!!!! On this one occasion, it is perfectly ok to lie to your 8 year old child…)

“No, Luke. I don’t know what it means I’m afraid. Sometimes people just write nonsense words on things and this must be one of those…”

(Sodding hell….I hope he buys this!)

“Ah, right. Well, MILF rhymes with Flith. So I think it must mean something like that…do you think I’m right Mummy?”

“Yes poppet, I think that’s probably right…”

(Little does he know the two are, potentially, inexplicably linked…)

In the name of all that is holy, why the sodding hell do kids have to pay an interest in everything you don’t want them to see when they’ve learnt to read and yet, when you want them to read a book or some homework, they go into brain shutdown?

One of life’s many mysteries…along with what MILF actually means 😉😂🙊