Prosecco with Cherries and Amaretto

I love Amaretto.

And Cherries.

So, therefore, a Bakewell Tart is pretty much my favourite treat to eat.

My dad always used to eat Bakewell Tart’s when I was a kid and I would often stare at him jealously because they, ‘weren’t for the kids’. *Sigh*.

As I got older, my Dad would share the cherry off the top or, as he affectionately calls it, ‘The Tit on the Top’.

Yes really. I guess it does look a little bit like a nipple on top of the cake…

So, in homage to one of my favourite cakes, here is a recipe for a Cherry Bakewell Prosecco.

It’s really rather delicious – just make sure that the Prosecco is really well chilled before you drink it!

 Cherry Bakewell Prosecco

2 cups flour1⁄2 cup butter2 eggs3⁄4 cup sugar1 cup milk1⁄2 tsp salt2 tsp baking powder1 tsp vanilla

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