Well, who’d have thought it…Ben made it onto TV yesterday!! 😂🙈

Seriously. I’m not making this up in a hungover and sleep deprived stupor.

I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel a few weeks ago of him falling asleep in his dessert and somehow it’s been found by a Channel 5 programme called, The Saturday Show, and he was on it yesterday! 😂

I had no idea until a friend text me saying she had just seen Ben on tv (I instantly assumed it was ‘CBeebies does crimewatch’ or something like that because of his behaviour of late, but to my surprise, it wasn’t!)

Luckily they all seemed to find the clip relatively amusing but the male presenter did mock my ‘Top class weaning’ choice of chocolate mousse.

You try telling a toddler, “No! You can’t eat that chocolate mousse your brothers are eating right in front of your face, have some blueberries and rice cakes!!!” without it resulting in a complete meltdown for the toddler and myself…

And I’ve already been reprimanded by a lady who felt the need to comment by saying I was silly for letting him use a metal spoon to eat with because it was, “too clunky and made a noise against his little teeth. It should be a plastic spoon”.

Silver spoons only round here don’t you know ma’am