Deer with a Beer: The final Trilogy


How the feck has this happened all of a sudden?! I think I am ready for tomorrow. The kids are in bed, albeit one of them is not asleep (the eldest, despite threats of Santa not coming) and I am on the Baileys after a few rum and cokes.

The wrapping is done, the Christmas day prep is done and now it’s time to kick back, relax and eat my way into a delirious festive stupor.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Here are the last 3 installments of Deer with a Beer for you…the final trilogy.

How will things pan out for Rudolph?!

Deer with a Beer Day 22

Deer with a Beer Day 23

Deer with a Beer Day 24 – The Finale

Beers to your door with Beer52 (plus a discount code!)

Do you ever get to a point where you just don’t know what to get someone as a gift?

I have well and truly hit that point.

Regardless of Christmas being just around the corner, I am always stumped with what to get my husband. He is one of those chaps who, if he wants something, he just goes and buys it. A few thousand pounds worth of bike? Buys it. New gadget? Buys it. So, by time Christmas or birthdays for him come around, I am literally at a loss as to what to throw money at.

The other week I was contacted by Beer52 to see if I would like to review one of their Craft Beer gift boxes. I’m not a beer fan but my husband? Well, let’s just say he quite likes it so I said that I would love to.

The guys from Beer52 kindly sent the box, which contained 8 different craft beers (you can also get one that contains 10 if you wish), and I left it on the kitchen side for my husband as a surprise for when he got in from work. The timing of the delivery couldn’t have been more appropriate because we sadly got broken into during the night that week and my husband’s car was stolen. The beers were literally the perfect tonic at the end of a truly crap week for him.

 Once his gaze had fallen upon the box of goodies sat waiting for him, like he had just seen the holy grail, he was over the moon and couldn’t wait to crack one open. Think of it as a selection box for thirsty and exhausted adults.

Visit their website here!


Inside the box were 8 different craft beers, a magazine all about what’s occurring in the craft beer world called ‘Ferment’ and a beer friendly snack of Chili flavoured seeds.  Rather wondrously, the front cover of this edition of Ferment had a Deer with a Beer on the front of it. Appropriate eh?! (If you’re regular readers of my rambles you’ll know that my Christmas story is called, Deer with a Beer. You can read them all by using the search function on my blog page or by clicking here for the first installment).

Each beer has a description on the label to tell you all about it’s tasting notes and I loved looking at all the different artwork on the bottles themselves. These little craft breweries really do pay a lot of attention to detail and as well as making a good product, they’re aware that they need something that’s also appealing to the eye. My personal favourite was probably by To øl.  They are a Danish Brewery and their bold, no holds barred attitude is brilliant. Just look at what they put on their bottle label…or not as the case may be.

Fantastic, eh?!

So my husband hasn’t managed to drink them all yet, but he did share a few of them with a friend the other night and the feedback I got from them both was very positive, if not a little bit drunken and ‘to the point’. As in the response I got was, “I like this one”.

Insightful aren’t they?

Sarcasm aside, the chaps genuinely did enjoy their beers and one that was made with orange zest was a favourite of my hubster.

At Beer52 there are loads of different ways in which you can purchase a beer box for someone. You can gift in the form of an instant email gift card, a gift card which will be sent in the post or you can order a box of beer to be delivered.

The gift voucher which is sent immediately to their email address is PERFECT as a last minute Christmas Gift idea and also for those with family or friends who are further afield. Avoid any festive embarrassment by pinging one of these bad boys to someone quick-smart!

With regards to having a box of beer delivered, you can either purchase this in the form of a one-off box or you can get that special someone (or yourself – go on, you’ve earned it!) a subscription. You can choose from one month (a one-off), 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription meaning that you could potentially give someone the gift of beer to their door for a whole year! How popular would you be then?! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The price for a one-off case is (at the time of writing) £24 which works out at £3 per beer which I really don’t think is too bad considering it’s  a hassle free service and you’re receiving lovingly made, craft and small batch beers that you cannot buy in your local supermarket. I know my husband loves the novelty of discovering new beers made by small businesses so this aspect really appealed to him.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beer52 and cheers again for the sample box guys!


If you want to get £10 off a subscription to Beer52, you can do so by using this code:

BEER52 Voucher

 Disclosure: I was sent a Beer52 box for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Deer with a Beer: Day 21

It’s the end of term!!! We made it (by the elastic in our knickers). Christmas has now officially begun for us in the Knutter household.

I’m holding out hope that the kids sleep in until 10am and we stay in pjs all day watching films and scoffing popcorn. The reality of it will probably be a 6am wake up and I should think I’ll have shouted at one of the kids by 6:45am… Optimistic aren’t I?!

Here is day 21 of Deer with a Beer.

Happy reading!

Deer with a Beer: Day 20

Well, today was fun.

If you class fun as having your toilet and bath become so blocked no water can pass down them resulting in sewage coming back up, and the if realising your car battery has died as you’re about to leave to take your son to his guitar lesson.

Yeah, today has been real fun.

Fuck a duck.

Not literally of course, it’s just a favourite saying of mine at the moment. That’s not how we stuff a duck, even at Christmas.

Here is day 20 of Deer with a Beer for you all. Is Rudolph finally back on track with his life?! (He’s probably more on track than I am!)

Deer with a Beer: Day 19

Day 19 in the big Deer house and Rudy has got his girl back.


Just 2 more school runs to go, thank goodness. My poor brain is frazzled and can’t take much more. It’s time for pj days, scoffing a family size bag of Maltesers to myself and drinking Baileys for brunch.

Come on Christmas holidays! Let’s be having you!