Into the Void – Where does all their ‘stuff’ go at school? (A My Nametags Review)

“Nothing is really ‘lost’ until your Mum can’t find it”.

Oh my goodness me. If I had £1 for every time one of my kids has lost something at school, I would have enough money to buy my own Gin Distillery…now there’s a thought. I might put that to Dragons Den.

Where does all this stuff go?!

It seems to disappear into the void, never to be seen again.

If my kids come home and utter the words, “Sorry Mummy, I left that on my peg”, what they are basically saying is, “It has been on my peg at some point in my school life but it has been missing for about 8 weeks Mummy”. You get the jist.

When your little cherubs first start school, you diligently label everything with ‘proper’ labels (I did that for my eldest, actually, when I say ‘I’, I mean my mum because even in my 30’s, I am incapable of sewing labels into clothes properly. I once sewed my Primary School sewing project to my skirt on my lap and I had to be cut off – need I explain myself anymore) and you ensure that if something does get lost, you’re going to stand a decent chance of getting these things back.

By the time my second child got to school however, my eldest had managed to loose so much stuff, despite it being labelled, that I gave up with the ‘proper’ sew in labels and used a Sharpie (a permanent pen to you and me). The shame, I know, but it’s a sign of the times. My man would tut at me I’m sure.

When I was approached a company called, My Name Tags, to review some self adhesive clothing labels, I literally jumped at the chance.

My eldest has now lost 2 entire pencil cases worth of stationary in 10 months. That’s pretty impressive, and infuriating at the same time. He claims he ‘lends it to friends’ who then don’t give it back and that sometimes things ‘fall on the floor’ and he forgets to pick them up. Whatever happens, it’s costing me a bloody fortune (that Gin Distillery isn’t going to buy itself you know) and also means he often doens’t even have a pencil sharpener to sharpen his writing pencil – despite me having bought 8 over the course of 10 months. Head. Brick Wall. You get what I’m saying.

These self adhesive labels can be put on almost anything, probably including your children themselves if you are that forgetful 😉

The labels I chose had Mr Men on and the boys chose the design. Mr Happy with a striped background. Very eye catching and actually meant they wanted to label everything themselves! Winner! Saved me a job. I chose to just put our surname on them (which isn’t a very common surname so the chances of their being someone else in the school with that name are slim, it also means that when we hand down clothes from one brother to the next, they will not need re-labelling). I also put my phone number on them in case someone kind finds our belongings and decides to give me a call or a text.


They labelled everything from school jumpers, polo shirts, pants, shoes and shorts, to pens, pencils, rulers, water bottles and bags. They had a great time labelling everything.


The only caveat to these self adhesive labels is that they cannot be stuck on fabric, you have to stick them to a label, such as a sizing or washing label. The labels will stick to hard surfaces like pens or a plastic bottles quite happily though. This was fine for us though as socks, which rarely go missing, are easily replaceable. School Jumpers, Coats and Bags are not.

The labels come with usage instructions and are very clear in describing how to use them.

My eldest, who is 8, managed to read and understand these instructions no problem.


The name tags come in different designs and some have pictures, some don’t. There are Mr Men and Hello Kitty ones (which are a little more expensive) as well as other simpler pictures/symbols like teddy bears, bikes, cars, etc that you can choose from. All options are fully customisable on their easy to use website.

A sheet of 56 self adhesive labels costs a maximum of approximately £13.95 (plus £1 P&P). The labels have a 10 year guarantee, are safe in a washing machine, and delivery is really prompt.

With this school year coming to a close already, and the summer holidays looming, get ahead of the game and place an order using the link on the right hand column my website. If you put in the code SHIPFREE16, you will get the £1 postage for free! That’s £1 saved to be put towards the Gin distillery fund 😉

We are really pleased with our labels and I’ll be placing another order soon, ready for when my smallest monster starts pre-school in September…lord help the poor staff there!


Only 2 hours to go until I find out what items the boys have managed to loose at school today. As long as it’s not themselves they’ve lost, I guess it could be worse 😉


(Disclamier: I wasn’t paid for this review but I did receive some super smashing customised Mr Men labels to use on my kids clothes. All opinions and words are my own).

A Life is Knutts Review: Joe Browns – Holiday Shop, Summer Collection 2016

“Here comes the sun, doo, doo, doo, doo, here comes the sun, and I say…oh, and now it’s gone again”. Welcome to the Great British Summer!


Living in the UK, we are used to getting every type of weather in the space of a few hours. Hail, Snow, Spring Sunshine, Strong winds, Searing heat…we get it all.

Despite this, we still manage to make the most of whatever weather we have, regardless of what we are doing. Keep Calm and Carry On as they say!

It’s been a while since we went abroad as a family, Sicily in 2010 to be precise (mainly due to the fact our middle one, who was 1.5 at the time of said holiday, had such an epic meltdown whilst trying to board the plane that we wanted the ground to open up and swallow us to save any further embarassment!)

We tend to do staycations now which, in my opinion, are just as fun. The kids couldn’t care less where they are, as long as they’re with the people they love, having fun, you could be on a beach in Bognor for all they care!

A few weeks ago, a blogging opportunity arose which was being run by the lovely people at Joe Browns.

Joe Browns is a UK clothing company who specialise in ‘quirky’ and unique fashion. If you’re after quality fashion staples, but with a little something extra to set it apart from the crowd, you’ve found the right place! I have shopped with Joe Browns many times before so, when this opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance!

They asked for bloggers to choose an item of clothing from their Holiday Shop to review and to then take a colourful photo of it to post onto Instagram using the hastags #JBHolidayWardrobe and #JoeBrowns.

I chose the ‘Tremendous Tunic’ (priced at £34.99 – price correct at time of writing). It came in 3 different prints/fabrics and I chose the Denim Patchwork version.

I loved the look of this. I am not really a ‘girlie girl’ and I like my darker colours, so this tunic suited me down to the ground. Feminine, without the frills and ruffles.


After waiting a few days, my parcel from them arrived.

The excitement of being sent some clothing, guilt free, was overwhelming. Being a mum of 3 boys means I rarely spend money on myself so being sent something free of charge was utterly brilliant!

I opened the package and had a look at the tunic. The first thing that struck me was how light the material was. It looks like denim but feels very soft and will be super on a hot day.

The straps are leather effect and the buckles on the straps are chrome plastic, another sensible style idea by Joe Browns so that they don’t get hot in the sun and burn you like metal ones would.

The buttons are super cute and are all different patterns/pictures. It’s little details like these which really set Joe Browns apart from their competitors.


I’m very short (think Hobbit, minus the hairy feet…for now anyway) so finding dresses and things which suit me is quite difficult. As soon as I put this on however, I could tell it was a super fit for me both in length and width. I would opt to wear it over leggings or jeggings, something like that with some Vans or Sandals depending on how you want to dress it.

I vary in size from shop to shop, between a size 10 and an 8 (depending on how many milkshake cocktails I’ve tested that week!) so I plumped (no punn intended) for the size 10 as some previous reviewers had said that their clothes can come up a little small. The 10 fitted me perfectly so make of that what you will. Either I was having a fatter week (yes) or their clothes come up a little on the small side (possibly).

The Joe Browns Holiday Shop collection is really lovely and has something for everyone. Girlie summer dresses, sandals, casual shoes, tops, shorts, tunics, you name it, they have it. All made from high quality materials to a super standard so they’ll last for a few summers to come…as long as you don’t have a toddler like mine who is capable of destroying anything within minutes, including my sanity.

If you would like to check out Joe Browns Holiday Shop, you can do so by clicking this link!

Thank you Joe Browns for a guilt free shop and to all of you for reading!

Much love, Gem.x

Disclaimer: I was sent this item, free of charge by Joe Browns, for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own.

Baby.You.Rock T-Shirt

I’ve just received my Mother’s Day present after all!!! 

Ok, ok, my husband knows nothing about it and I bought it for myself in rebellion of my forgotten Mother’s Day but serves him right. I could’ve got myself something much more expensive but I settled for this for 2 reasons;

  1. Because I loved it
  2. Because it’s making a stand without me even having to say anything

I stumbled onto a website called,  Baby you Rock thanks to a lovely lady (thanks Luci Hellings!!) who reads my blog recommending it to me over on my Facebook page (I think after reading one of my many ranty posts!)

They are a super cool little online store who sell lovely, quirky and super cool clothes for babies/toddlers/kids and mums! 

The item I was recommended was a t-shirt which read,

“Mother. n; 1. One person who does the work of twenty for free”

 I saw it and thought, do you know what, after the weekend I’ve had, yes. Bloody well, yes. And so I bought it. And I feel a bit better for doing it too…


So here are some attempted selfies of me wearing it, apologies for my face (sadly I can’t change that) and apologies also for the terrible selfies. When you have short arms, a good selfie is hard to accomplish… 



The good selfie, the ‘I don’t know how this arrived in the post’ selfie, the ‘I’m utterly useless at taking selfies’ selfie and a photo of the lovely packaging complete with kisses under my address…ahhhh.

I only ordered my t-shirt yesterday but it amazingly arrived in the post today – super fast! Almost as quick as me eating a whole box of Ferrero Rocher! 

The t-shirt is of really good quality, it fits nicely and is of a nice length (So important, I’m past the stage of these cropped tshirts that seem to be everywhere – I’d put people off their lunch walking around in one of those…)

It comes in black or burgundy and they also do sweatshirts which I think I may be investing in soon…

So, if you’re looking for something a bit different, for you or your little tot, you want to make a statement without saying anything or you’re just fed up and want to treat yourself, do check them out! 

They’re also on Instagram if you want to check them out:

(Disclaimer: I’m a genuine customer. I wasn’t paid for this review. All views expressed are my own).