I love trying my hand at new things and, when I have the time, I love to have a go at crafts.

With my parents 60th Birthday party looming on the horizon, I have been trying to find cheap and pretty ways to decorate the hall they’ve hired.

The Tulle Pom-Poms are just the job for making an impact and on the cheap!

I intend to hang them from string which will be draped from one side of the hall to the other.

So, here you go, a ‘HOW TO’ tutorial for Tulle Pom-Poms…

 You will need…

 – A spool of Tulle in the colour of your choice

(6 inch wide Tulle is what I used and it normally comes on a 100 yard long roll – I got mine off eBay)

– Scissors

– Some hard back books of varying sizes

How to do it…

 – Measure out 50cm of tulle and cut it. This will tie the pom-pom and hold it together, as well as acting as a hanger/tie so you can hang your Pom-Poms up.

– Pick up your book and wrap the tulle around it 25 times (do this long ways on the book, not horizontally)

– After you’ve wrapped the material around 25 times, cut the Tulle off the spool so it is free from it and carefully remove the wrapped Tulle from the book.

– Pick up your 50cm piece of Tulle and use it to tie the wrapped Tulle in the middle. I did 2 knots to make sure it was secure. It should now look like a bow…

– Push your hand through the first looped end of Tulle and, using your scissors, cut it so the ends splay out.

– Repeat for the other end.

– Now unfurl the tulle and tease it out so that it makes a nice ball shape.

And there you have it! Tulle Pom-Pom decorations, fit for any wedding or party!

 2 boys hiding in amongst lots of tulle pom poms

You can view my video below (filmed by my 7 year old!) to see how I did it…

 Do let me know if you have a go at these Tulle Pom-Poms and share your photos with me over on my Facebook page!