A recipe for a disaronno sour

As I am partaking in Sugar Free February at the moment for Cancer Research UK, this drink is strictly off limits for me until the 1st of March.


That doesn’t, however, stop me from planning ahead and I can tell you all now, as soon as February is over, this will be the first cocktail to pass my lips.

I had a wonderful time making cocktails the other evening for a lovely friends birthday (it was such a giggle, lots of vigorous wrist action going on!) and this was one of the cocktails we made. I have to admit, apart from Gin, Disaronno is one of my favourite things to drink. I am a massive fan of marzipan and all things almond flavoured.

This drink is sour, with a hint of sweetness, and very refreshing. Perfect anytime of year and really easy to make.

If you have more of a preference for sour tastes than sweet, add a dash more lemon juice. Cocktail making is very much trial and error and what one person likes, another may not so do have a play about with the quantities I suggest.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe for a Disaronno Sour.

(PS: My recipes from now on will be on these handy PDF’s so print them out, pop them in your recipe folder, add it to your Pinterest, save them on your computer or to your photo album ready for when you want to make one!)

 Disaronno Sour